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How the Venky’s chickens have “Come Home To Roost”.
Football’s rich list, as published by accountants Deloitte, this week. Show ALL 20 Premierships clubs from England’s top flight last season, amongst the world’s richest 40 clubs.
And so it would have been for Blackburn Rovers had Mrs Desai not sacked Sam Allardyce on 13th December 2010.
Allegedly on the advice of her ‘advisor’ and football agent Jerome Anderson.
Anderson allegedly even scripted the statement Mrs Desai gave to Sky TV Sports News the following day.
And I quote. “We have sacked Sam Allardyce for the future good of the club. “ We should be in the Premiership top 4 and playing in Europe. “We do not play entertaining football, and I like to be entertained”. And all this from a woman who had never watched a Premiership game in her life or even set foot on an English football ground. Amazing. Draw your own conclusions.
At the time of Allardyce’s sacking Rovers were mid table in the Premiership and 5 points off the top 5. Possibly the highest position in football Rovers will attain for generations to come.
Five short years later Rovers are a mid-table second tier side. £80m in debt. Fallen foul of FFP. Under a transfer embargo. And to all accounts – BUST.
Mrs Desai should revisit her statement of December 2010 and apologise profusely to all Rovers supporters, and the townsfolk of Blackburn, for completely ruining their football club.
She should while she is at it also apologise to Allardyce. Not to mention the departed Chief Executive Tom Finn and Chairman John Williams, for completely ruining all their good work over the years. Whilst allowing Anderson to allegedly plunder the club with the help of the awful Kean.
Then and only then can we even start to move forward.
Had she kept her nerve with Allardyce, Rovers would still be a Premiership club. Allardyce may have moved on by now, but he would have left Rovers in the Premiership. Big Sam does not do relegation.
It has been rumoured, by former players, Keith Andrews being one of them, that Venky’s didn’t even know Rovers could be relegated. They thought they had bought a franchise – similar to the Indian Cricket Premier League. UNBELEIVABLE.
It was well known in English football circles. That the ‘Big Pay Day’ from Sky TV to the Premier League was coming.  Hence the panic to stay in it or get into it.
Did Anderson not brief the new owners of this – OBVIOUSLY NOT.
The case for suing Andersons SEM agency for Millions and Millions of pounds is over whelming.
Venky’s must employ the best of International Solicitors. Why oh why do they not pursue Anderson through the courts ?.
Alleged mis-appropriation of funds, alleged mis-leading advice, alleged mis-management, alleged malpractice, alleged fraud and deception. Who knows ? I haven’t a clue  - but I am sure there is a solicitor who will.
What is Mrs Desai afraid of ? Maybe the cost of proceedings. But they have lost enough money already so what the hell. Maybe not a strong enough case. Maybe Anderson has not a case to answer. Or maybe she and her brothers are totally embarrassed at being taken for ‘Mugs’ ?.
Just look at those twenty English Premiership Clubs now flourishing Mrs Desai – yours could have been one of them.


Kinder Surprise

Following Rovers U/21 shock win at Newcastle in the U/21 Premier League Cup Quater / Finals.
A few weeks ago, in these columns, I praised the work Eric Kinder (pic above) was doing at Brockhall.
Only to be lambasted by a mindless individual who stated Kinder should go-WHY ?.
Bowyer brought Kinder in from Carlisle to resurrect the U/21 after the car crash era’s of the awful Kean and Shebby Singh. Who both had flooded the club with expensive mediocrity.
Now Kinder is, like Bowyer trusted he would, getting a good young squad together.
They are Rovers future.
The club is BUST – it is vital Kinder and the U/21 flourish. And that in time, players progress to the first team.
With Eric Kinder and Gary Bowyer watching on, I’m sure they will.
It is only Rovers hope.




Blackburn Rovers promotion bid has stalled and on recent form looks like coming to a halt.
It is a long time since I felt as dejected as I did after the Sunday game with Wolves.
It was a throwback to the dark days of Kean, Berg and Appleton.
And of course the ‘Bowyer Bashers’ were out in force. All common sense and logic gone out of the window.
Recent results, coupled with the transfer embargo and the stark reality that Rovers are £80m in debt, is now beginning to register with even the most optimistic of fans, just how serious the situation is.
It is not a matter of promotion any longer. But mere survival to keep the Football club in business.
Promotion to the Premiership however, would be the dream answer to all Rovers problems.
One season, just one, is all Rovers would need to become solvent.
A season in the Premiership is now estimated to be worth a minimum £150m to any club. Plus £93m in parachute payments if relegated. Burnley for example cannot go wrong. As much as it hurts to say it.
Will Rovers ever get back on to the ‘Golden Tread Mill’ that is Premiership Football?.
Will future generations of Rovers fan’s ever know the thrill of their team being featured weekly on Match Of The Day or the live Sunday match on Sky TV.
Or welcoming the likes of Man United  - Arsenal – Liverpool – Chelsea etc to Ewood Park, to play them as equals.
Possibly not.
But all this is not Gary Bowyers (pic above) fault nor that of Managing Director Derek Shaw.
You can trace the beginning of the disaster back to 13th December 2010. The day Sam Allardyce was sacked. It has been a rapid decline ever since. And don’t say “we should never look back” if you don’t learn from history you don’t learn from anything. Winston Churchill words not mine.
We don’t hear much from those who ‘DANCED ON BIG SAMS GRAVE AT THE TIME’, anymore. They have fallen silent.
Come to think of, we don’t hear anything from the architect of the disaster, Jerome Anderson anymore. He doesn’t pop up on Sky TV any more spouting “what he and Venky’s are trying to do at Blackburn Rovers and the vision they have for the future”.  The future is exactly what I said it would be four years ago, when that man got involved – A DISASTER.
Why Venky’s have not sued him for alleged malpractice / misadvise / mismanagement and abuse of power, I will never know.
Anderson was officially Venky’s advisor. Whilst still remaining a Football agent. That alone contravenes all FA and Premiership rules. But what the hell. Who cares about Blackburn Rovers anyway. No body – only the poor life long, long suffering supporters. But in this world of cooperate hospitality, sponsor ship and huge TV deals we don’t count any more.
Ho for the days of Tom Finn and John Williams who cared and loved the club.
NO. Bowyer is not to blame. Possibly the only reason Rovers are still competing in the Championship and not Division One or Two is down to Bowyers astute management.
Ok, maybe he is not the brightest and most tactical aware of Managers. But his signings on a shoe string have been brilliant. His use of the loan system has been good. He has had to get rid of most of the ‘Dead Wood’ left by the Kean / Anderson regime.
He cares about the club. After all he has been at Ewood close on 10 years. His first spell as Manager saw him save us from almost certain relegation. His first full season we finished eighth, two points from the play-offs. This season ?. Possibly a top half finish, in difficult circumstances.
He has earned another season at least. After all, who of any repute would want the Rovers job anyway?. A transfer embargo and £80m in debt, are not exactly an attractive proposition.
The days of managers of repute, proper football managers like Allardyce / Souness / Hughes are long gone for the Rovers.
Bowyer should be treated as a hero, not lambasted by the mindless few.
NO, if you want to blame anyone, then the real culprits your club is ‘Going Down The Pan’. Are Mr and Mrs Anuradha Desai, Venkatesh Rao, Balaji Rao, Robert Coar, Jerome Anderson, Shebby Singh and of course the awful Steve Kean. They are the ones who have mismanaged your club. They are the ones who have put the clubs very future in doubt. They are the ones who have as good has stated, promotion to the Premiership by 2016 or liquidation.
Bowyer is not the villain he is our salvation. The only hope we have is with Bowyer and the support of Derek Shaw.  If either of those men go now, lock the door and put out the lights.


The former football advisor to the Rao family / Venkys, for over two years. Jerome Anderson (pic above) has been summoned to court.
Anderson, Chief Executive of the SEM football agency, faces four allegations of perjury and one of fraud.
The allegations of perjury and fraud against Anderson have been brought by another agent, Tony McGill in a private prosecution.
The allegations, which have also been levelled at Bolton’s Chairman Phil Gartside and their former manager Sammy Lee are due to be heard at Newcastle Magistrates Court on the 25th February 2015.
There are among 11 who have been summoned to court, following the accusations by McGill who claims to be owed £1m for fee’s involving Bolton and Andersons SEM agency.
The allegations against Anderson will come as no shock to Blackburn Rovers supporters.
It is a cause of mystery and concern why the Rao family have never, as yet, pursued Anderson and former manager Steve Kean in a similar vein. For alleged misdemeanours involving the pair. In inflated transfer dealings and inflated player’s contracts.
Cardiff’s owner Vincent Tan would have done. As shown by his ongoing investigations and actions against former manager Malky McKay and his regime.
Bradley Orr and Leon Best being two prime examples of Anderson / Kean dealings.
Anderson’s alleged very poor business dealings have left the Rovers bust and on the brink of liquidation in 2016.
A successful prosecution by the Rao family would go a long way to alleviate those problems although it would be a costly process and as an insider at the Lancashire Telegraph told me “There is no paper trail to be seen”.
Unless Premiership status can be achieved. Which seems highly unlikely, given the present breach of FFP and a transfer embargo. Not to mention debts of £80m and rising. The club just does not appear to have a future.
Anderson’s plight is a long way from his tearful and heartfelt ‘Live’ Interview On Sky Sports TV News. In 2012 during the height of fans protest to oust Kean. In which Anderson heavily criticised Rovers supporters for their protest at himself and Kean.
He also ‘tearfully’ rounded on Rovers fans for making his son’s, Myles Anderson, life uncomfortable. Kean having given the Leyton Orient reject a Premiership contract and squad number. Unfortunately young Myles could just not play football. A blatant abuse of the power entrusted in Anderson by Venkys.
It is worth noting that Sky TV never gave Rovers supporters a right of reply to Anderson’s interview. And still haven’t.
We never hear from our owners so we do not know what they are thinking regarding the Anderson / Kean regime.
What we do know is the pair spent their money, to a massive degree and consequently ruined the club.
We still have not had an apology for the disgraceful sacking of Sam Allardyce, instigated by Anderson. So we cannot move on.
Managing Director Derek Shaw and Gary Bowyer have been trying to pick up the pieces ever since.
Of course there are other factors apart from Anderson and Kean that have contributed to Rovers decline.
The senseless sackings or resignations as the club put it, of two of Footballs finest and most experienced administrators. Tom Finn and John Williams.
For fourteen seasons the two juggled finances to keep Rovers in the Premiership. Signed good players and appointed of good managers of repute. Whilst balancing the books the best way that a club of Rovers size could wish for.
All that “Went out of the window” with the arrival of Venky’s and Anderson.
Anderson’s first task was to remove the obstacles in his way so he could pursue his alleged ‘Dirt Dealings’. Big Sam was first to go on 13-12-10 followed shortly by Williams and then Finn.
Maybe Anderson will get his comeuppance in court on 25th Feb, who knows ? Possibly he is innocent, or he may wriggle out of it, his type usually do.
But what of others at the club? Director and former Chairman Robert Coar for example, what was he doing during all this time. Was he standing idly by and protecting his position on the FA Executive whilst Rovers perished.
Having made two disastrous appointments with Anderson and Kean Venkys then made another with the appointment of Shebby Singh.
Although much to Singh’s credit he was instrumental in Kean’s ‘constructive dismissal’. Kean still managed to successfully sue the Club for £1.3m. Unbelievable.
Unfortunately the Rao family do not come out of the whole mess with any credibility.
Victims they may well be. But there principles and ethics are open to question.
They still appointed and stood by a drunk driver and liar on oath. A High Court Judges words not mine. With regard to the awful Kean.
They then beggared belief by supporting Kean when he publicly accused Sam Allardyce of being a ‘Crook’.
Allardyce successfully sued both Kean and Venky’s.
They blatantly ignored fans demonstrations to have the awful Kean removed from Ewood. Losing almost 50% of their customers as a result. The word arrogance just does not cover it.
So despite them having being allegedly ‘conned’ and ‘taken to the cleaners’, it is hard to sympathise with them.
And what of our local newspapers part in all of this ?, The Lancashire Telegraph.
Zilch / Zero. They are like Nero who fiddled whilst Rome burned.
They have not, so far as I am aware, even reported Anderson’s due appearance in court. For alleged misdemeanours similar to those at Ewood.
But that’s the Lancashire Telegraph for you !
My opinion, for what it’s worth,  is that I hope Anderson and Kean rot in hell for what they have done to my beloved Rovers.


What a mistake it has turned out to be not selling Jordan Rhode’s, (pic above) to Hull City in August for £11m.
On the 22nd August 2014 I posted an article (click ‘NINETY NINE AND OUT’ here) when I thought Jordan Rhodes was heading for Hull and would not play his 100th game v Bournemouth on Sat 23rd August 2014.
How wrong I was. And how wrong Rovers were.
I said at the time it made good football and financial sense. Rhodes has been a pale shadow of his former self this season.
He has not produced the goals the team needs. Goals change games. His head has been turned.
Rovers are now left with an expensive player on the books that they can’t shift.
What is he worth now? Possibly £3-4 m. who would want to pay any more?.
Not selling Rhodes, was another big mistake made by the Rovers owners.
Run a football club? They could not run a Fish and Chip Shop!
With all due respect to Fish and Chip shop owners everywhere  -  but you know what  I mean.
Bring back former Chief executive Tom Finn and former Chairman John Williams to run the club.
It is our only hope.
Footnote: (22.1.15)
The buzz in todays National Press is that Swansea are preparing a bid for Rhodes.
If it meets Rovers valuations - SELL TO SURVIVE.
Bring in some of Kinders Kids.
Whats to lose ??