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The abuse, the hostile criticism, the hounding of Blackburn Rovers Manager Gary Bowyer, by some Rovers supporters on social media and through the comments pages of the Lancashire Telegraph are totally out of order.
Not only are they totally unnecessary at a crucial and difficult time in the clubs history they are unproductive and damaging. Sadly partly fuelled by an ill-informed, below average Sports Journalist, Paul Wheelock of the LT.
I have said it before, and I will say it again, Bowyer has worked a minor miracle.
Blackburn Rovers have no right to be placed in the top half of the Sky Bet Championship, given the disasters that have taken place at the club since December 2010, following the sacking of Sam Allardyce.
It is to Bowyers credit we have a team that can even compete at this level, never mind win promotion.
Two years ago, following the sacking of Appleton, Rovers were on the brink of oblivion. Following the reigns of Berg and the awful Kean. In danger of falling into Division One and beyond. And we still are to some extent. In fact the very future and existence of the club is under threat. And don’t pretend otherwise.
Just how Rovers intend to get out of this mess, £80M in debt, a long way from conforming to FFP regulations and a transfer embargo that threatens to run and run, is anyone’s guess. Because the owners do not tell us anything so we do not know.
The only ‘Shining Light’ since 2010 has been Bowyer and his coaching staff. They have more than ‘steadied’ the Ship. They have shown that maybe, just maybe, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
We also have in place an Administrator, in Derek Shaw who would appear to have some idea of how to run a Football Club. Although we never hear from him either. As for our Director Of Communications, Alan Myers – what is the point ??.
But back to Bowyer. When will it register with some Rovers supporters that Rovers plight is NOT repeat NOT Bowyers fault.
If your anger was taken out on those responsible it would be of far more use.
Pressure must be brought to bear to recover some of Rovers lost Millions – through the law courts. Why Venky’s of London do not take legal action against the alleged misdemeanours of Jerome Anderson SEM Agency and Steve Kean plus other vultures, amazes me. Loss of earnings for starters, four seasons without Premiership Football, taking into account the new TV deals, £600m lost revenue sounds about right. How’s that for starters Mr Anderson ?.
Anderson has driven a stake through the Heart of our club and almost killed it. Committing an outrageous Premiership heist. And everyone let him get away with it. Including the fans. UNBELEIVABLE. I warned about it on this site in March 2011 and was ridiculed by all and sundry. Including being banned by LT editor Kevin Young for being too provocative. And you Mr Young are spineless.
I know I will be accused, once again of raking up History. But I, like others would like to see Anderson ‘nailed to the cross’ along with his accomplice the awful Kean.
Fellow correspondents are of the same opinion as me, along with a growing band of others.
The mess both financially and playing standards, that Bowyer, along with Shaw, has had to address is ‘mind blowing’ – and still it goes on.
Those over rated, over the hill and over paid ‘has beens’, Bradley Orr and Leon Best remain at the club on a reported £36k per week. How can a Championship club afford such wages on such mediocrity?
Goal scoring sensation Harry Kane, has reportedly just signed a new contract at Premiership Spurs. In the region of  £40k pw and we, due to Anderson’s and Kean’s negotiations, are paying the same to the likes of Orr and Best.  Not to mention in the past the departed, Murphy, Goodwillie, Dickson Etuhu, Fabio Nunes, David Raye,  to name but a few – the same monies Spurs are paying the likes of Harry Kane. UNBELEIVABLE.
The negativity towards Bowyer by Rovers supporters, follows a trend of recent Rovers managers.
Allardyce – Ince – Souness – Hughes. None of them with hardly a good word in public for Rovers fans.
Hughes left without a backward glance – as did Souness.
Allardyce received little or no sympathy, when sacked, despite being 11th in the Premiership at the time, just five points from the top six.
A bitterness Sam carries with him to this day.
Sam knows what went on the few short months after Venky’s take over. He also knows what part Kean played in it, and the influence exerted on Ewood Park by Agent Anderson. So do John Williams, Tom Finn, and Finance Director Martin Goodman. As outlined in a leaked letter to the clubs owners dated 4th January 2011. Which I will make public in due course.
If Paul Wheelock LT, wants to have a go at someone in his LT column phone up these gentleman. And ask them some questions.
Sam is not hard to get hold of. He makes his mobile number available to most. He is always ready to listen. Although his answers are diplomatic, he will not purge himself. And you may have to read between the lines. I have corresponded with Sam. Let us say we are on texting terms. The other gentleman are all known and are contactable by the LT.
So go on Wheelock give it a try. Do some real journalism for a change. Or do you just want to ‘Bowyer Bash’.
The hounding of Bowyer does the fans and the LT no credit at all. Bowyer deserves our full support.
Will we get promoted. NO. The team is just not good enough. Bowyer puts on a brave face and is full of optimism. He has to be. It his job to be. He cannot just let the season die out.
If he can keep Rovers in the top half of the Championship and build on that – it will be fine by me.
“Be thankful for small mercies”. As my late lovely mother, god rest her soul use to say. Live your life by being “thankful for small mercies”.
Unfortunately in today’s culture of “ We want it now and we want the best “. Logic goes out of the window.
Venky’s of London are saying that if Rovers don’t reach the Premiership by 2016, they will have to review the situation – what does that mean ?. Administration – Liquidation – Ewood Park a Developers Housing Complex ?. Maybe. Who knows !.
If you are angry, you have every right to be. But direct your anger not at Bowyer but at those responsible….
Mr and Mrs Desai – Venkatesh Rao – Balaji Rao – Robert Coar – Gandhi Babu – RT Honourable Jack Straw – The Walker Trust – and the real villains of the piece Anderson and Kean.
But not Gary Bowyer. He is our salvation. He is doing his very best. Rovers are not financially in a position to compete at the top of the League.
Rovers are not going to appoint a new Manager. So get over it. They cannot afford a new management staff. It is not going to happen. Only relegation would trigger that off. So learn to love Bowyer.
He is one of us. He has been at the club for 10 years. He loves and feels for the club. As do his staff, Terry McPhilips, Craig Short, Eric Kinder, and others.
If Blackburn Rovers still exist in 2016 / 2017 that is as much as we can ask for at this moment in time.
As for some peoples obsession with Burnley – forget it. They are top of the East Lancs Tree at the moment. After waiting for thirty long years.
Their immediate future assured with even just one season in the Premiership. £150M income and £93M possible parachute payments. All twenty Premiership clubs are now guaranteed financial security and more riches to come with the pending new TV deals. Unless they appoint an Anderson and Kean of course.
And if that annoys you and causes pain, as it does me. Don’t blame Bowyer. Address your anger at those responsible.
Embrace Bowyer and ‘ Be Thankful For Small Mercies ‘.
Together as one we will get our Rovers back. Get angry. I did on the 13th December 2010 and I have been angry ever since. It is about time ‘some’ people caught up.



Dear Mr Myers.
I established ‘Reg Of The Rovers’ in response to the takeover of Blackburn Rovers by Venky’s / Rao Family in November 2010.
An more importantly to the committing of alleged ‘Outrageous Premiership Heist’ by football agent Jerome Anderson and his SEM agency, allegedly ably abetted by fellow Director / Football Pundit, Charlie Nicholas and Steve Kean.
To which I have compiled, along with others, over the years, a dossier and evidence which will be made public in due course. As Venky’s / Rao Family / Blackburn Rovers, seem reluctant to do so. Goodness knows why.
It could only do them good and show them in a more favourable, if somewhat naive light, to the Blackburn public.
However I write today on other, more trivial matters that niggle me. And perhaps you can help.
Why do Blackburn Rovers NEVER feature on Sky TV ?.
One appearance on the 8th August is the only time Rovers have featured this season.
Almost all the remainder of the Championship sides have featured on five occasions. Some more. None less than three.
Do Sky TV have an ‘Agenda’ with Blackburn Rovers ?.  If so what is it. Perhaps you can tell us.
Also why do Rovers match reports never, or very rarely appear in the Daily Mail ?. At least not in my South Lakes / Cumbria Edition. Where I have my retirement cottage.
For example on Wednesday 11th Feb, after 11 Championship fixtures had taken place the previous night, everyone was either reported on, or summarised. Except Rovers v Rotherham. Why ?. And this is the ‘Norm’ with the Daily Mail.
I am not suggesting this is your fault. But in the absence of a much needed Press Officer, is it not in your remit to make sure Rovers have has a high as possible nationwide profile.
Mrs Desai’s refusal to sack ‘The Awful Steve Kean’, ad-missed supporters unprecedented protest in 2012, has led to her almost halving the customers who now pay to come through the turnstiles.
High Press and TV profile would help to encourage them back.
Last, but no means least, why does Manager Gary Bowyer not receive more public support from the club ?. In the wake of increased criticism from the local press, ie Lancs Telegraph’s Paul Wheelock, and fans blogs and comments pages, Bowyer needs more support from the club.
Rovers awful predicament is not his fault or of his making. He is doing a unbelievable good job, in very difficult circumstances.
Those responsible should be named and shamed. Jerome Anderson and Steve Kean.
Blackburn Rovers have a duty to English Football and their fans to do so.
Finally, congratulations on the clubs innovative ticket pricing v Stoke City. Much needed.


The ‘Bowyer Bashers’ are out in force. With some justification. Rovers have hit a brick wall.
Just two wins from the last 10 games and only 7 points from a possible 30 points.
Rovers are 11 points from the play-offs, but only 6 points from a bottom 6 relegation ‘Dog Fight’.
The club is in decline. Falling attendances. The embarrassment of the paltry attendance in the FA Cup v Swansea, much to the derision of the Football world. Glen Hoddle, in his National Newspaper column, wrote “If you don’t love the FA Cup you just don’t get football”. A dagger to the hearts of Rovers fans.
Also the transfer embargo, unlikely to be lifted this pre-season in the August transfer window, and the ‘Mind Blowing’ debt of £80m, have all combined to ‘Knock The Stuffing’ out of everyone. Fans, players and management alike.
What is the way forward ? Is there a way forward ? I have not got a clue.
We never hear from the owners. They do not issue any statements, encouraging or otherwise. Managing Director Derek Shaw, keeps silent. He has to, he is not allowed to issue any uncensored statements.
The club seems to be ‘Dying On Its Feet’.
What I do know is that Gary Bowyer will remain manager. There is no option. So best to get behind him and the team. If not, oblivion beckons.
Of course this situation has been brought about by the Rao family poor ownership, who know not what they are doing.
A coming together of everyone who cares about the Rovers and it’s very future is the only way.
‘United We Stand Divided We Fall‘.
Gary Bowyer, having stabilised the club the best he can, deserves a third year. Unless he gets us relegated !.
Let us stand together, like we did against the ‘Awful Kean regime’, showing solidarity.
Ok. We would like rid of the Rao family, but what is the alternative ?. Administration ?. They are keeping the club afloat. If only they would directly address the fans and let us know if there is a future. Their self-inflicted mistakes, over the past 4 years are costing them and us dear.
Back Bowyer. He must win against Fulham, and needs our backing. Or ‘The Roof Will Fall In’.


Are Rovers supporters the worst in the country ?
After Saturdays abysmal attendance the question has to be asked.
Less than 6,000 fans for a fourth round FA Cup Tie was a Ewood embarrassment.
The Lancashire Telegraph's Paul Wheelock has every right to raise the issue.
Glen Hoddle, in his National Newspaper Column, wrote “ If you don’t love the FA Cup you just don’t get football”. A dagger to the heart of Rovers fans.
The couldn’t care less attitude of my fellow Rovers supporters could have far reaching repercussions. Not least to the future involvement of the owners.
It does not encourage players to stay at the club, why should they when the supporters don’t care. Apart from Nationwide embarrassment, it reflects the club in a poor light – a club on the slide.
It echoes of the dark days of Wolves in the mid-eighties. When their attendances plummeted between 2, 000 and 4,000 when they were under the ownership of the Bhatti Bothers. Mahmud and Mohammed Bhatti, two Saudi brothers who almost took the club to extinction in 1985 – 1986.
Their story has echoes of the Rao family / Venkys.
Wolves came within 30 minutes of extinction. Read it up on Google. It will send shivers down the spine of all Rovers fans.
Multi-Millionaire, Sir Jack Hayward was their saviour. Their Jack Walker. But sadly for Rovers fans there are no Jack Walkers anymore.
The National Bank Of India are monitoring the level of support and income at Ewood Park before they renew Rovers £11m overdraft facility. As all Banks consider every aspect of a business before renewing ‘life saving’ over draft facilities. As I well know.
Sheffield Utd  took 4,000 fans to Preston, Bradford took 6,000 fans to Chelsea, Brighton had a record crowd for Arsenal’s visit, Bristol City sold out for the visit of West Ham and they were high attendances at all the other ties. Blackburns Ewood Park being a notebale exception.
The Ewood attendance stood out like a ‘sore wound on a distressed animal’. Not good enough.
The club would have seen that ticket sales were going poorly days before the game. Why was action not taken ?. Why did the club not point out the possible repercussion’s to the club, for example the possibility of giving the Bank an excuse to foreclose. Far fetched ?. Possibly !
Why were special emergency ticket offers not made to the cash strapped public. £10 adults, £1 kids. For those already having paid their £20, allow two persons per ticket. Anything would have helped.
Being on National TV made it worse – EMBARRASSING.
Add to this Gary Monk’s comments on the poor playing surface, before the game, which it is. Never seen Ewood looking so poor.
The whole day was a public relations disaster. No wonder Sky TV never feature Rovers games.
Thank goodness for the teams performance and Bowyers astute management. Even Bowyer in his after match interview was embarrassed, and hinted that the fans must get behind the team.



How the Venky’s chickens have “Come Home To Roost”.
Football’s rich list, as published by accountants Deloitte, this week. Show ALL 20 Premierships clubs from England’s top flight last season, amongst the world’s richest 40 clubs.
And so it would have been for Blackburn Rovers had Mrs Desai not sacked Sam Allardyce on 13th December 2010.
Allegedly on the advice of her ‘advisor’ and football agent Jerome Anderson.
Anderson allegedly even scripted the statement Mrs Desai gave to Sky TV Sports News the following day.
And I quote. “We have sacked Sam Allardyce for the future good of the club. “ We should be in the Premiership top 4 and playing in Europe. “We do not play entertaining football, and I like to be entertained”. And all this from a woman who had never watched a Premiership game in her life or even set foot on an English football ground. Amazing. Draw your own conclusions.
At the time of Allardyce’s sacking Rovers were mid table in the Premiership and 5 points off the top 5. Possibly the highest position in football Rovers will attain for generations to come.
Five short years later Rovers are a mid-table second tier side. £80m in debt. Fallen foul of FFP. Under a transfer embargo. And to all accounts – BUST.
Mrs Desai should revisit her statement of December 2010 and apologise profusely to all Rovers supporters, and the townsfolk of Blackburn, for completely ruining their football club.
She should while she is at it also apologise to Allardyce. Not to mention the departed Chief Executive Tom Finn and Chairman John Williams, for completely ruining all their good work over the years. Whilst allowing Anderson to allegedly plunder the club with the help of the awful Kean.
Then and only then can we even start to move forward.
Had she kept her nerve with Allardyce, Rovers would still be a Premiership club. Allardyce may have moved on by now, but he would have left Rovers in the Premiership. Big Sam does not do relegation.
It has been rumoured, by former players, Keith Andrews being one of them, that Venky’s didn’t even know Rovers could be relegated. They thought they had bought a franchise – similar to the Indian Cricket Premier League. UNBELEIVABLE.
It was well known in English football circles. That the ‘Big Pay Day’ from Sky TV to the Premier League was coming.  Hence the panic to stay in it or get into it.
Did Anderson not brief the new owners of this – OBVIOUSLY NOT.
The case for suing Andersons SEM agency for Millions and Millions of pounds is over whelming.
Venky’s must employ the best of International Solicitors. Why oh why do they not pursue Anderson through the courts ?.
Alleged mis-appropriation of funds, alleged mis-leading advice, alleged mis-management, alleged malpractice, alleged fraud and deception. Who knows ? I haven’t a clue  - but I am sure there is a solicitor who will.
What is Mrs Desai afraid of ? Maybe the cost of proceedings. But they have lost enough money already so what the hell. Maybe not a strong enough case. Maybe Anderson has not a case to answer. Or maybe she and her brothers are totally embarrassed at being taken for ‘Mugs’ ?.
Just look at those twenty English Premiership Clubs now flourishing Mrs Desai – yours could have been one of them.