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Speaking on SKY TV soccer Saturday 11th April 2015, Charlie Nicholas confounded all Blackburn Rovers supporters when he talked of Sam Allardyce in glowing terms.
Asked did he think West Ham should renew Allardyce’s contract at the end of the season. Nicholas gave a resounding yes.
Going on to say, “what a good job Sam had done at West Ham”, and with the move from Upton Park to the Olympic Stadium only 12 months away, staying in the Premiership was vital to the further financial stability of the club.
Nicholas said that Big Sam “would deliver Premiership football, he doesn’t do relegation and under his leadership West Ham would have no fear of being involved in a relegation battle”.
Cannot say I disagree with one word that Nicholas had to say. But what of four years ago in 2010, just after Venky’s had purchased Blackburn Rovers.
Kentaro SEM, the sports agency for whom Nicholas was a Director / Consultant, recommended to Mrs Anuradha Desai that they sack Big Sam in order to progress Rovers further.
Well – we all know what happened to that peace of wisdom – football oblivion.
So why was Charlie Nicholas party to such an alleged ridiculous piece of advice. ? Delivered by SEM Managing Director Jerome Anderson.
GREED – Is the answer.
Nicholas and Anderson allegedly saw it as the ideal opportunity to perform ‘THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS PREMIERSHIP HEIST’. And they succeeded – in fact it was so simple to be believable. But they needed a willing Manager for their plan to work – enter the AWFUL KEAN.
They took full advantage of the new, naive, trusting Indian owners. They deceived them in a shameful manner.
The alleged plot, all Rovers fans are now well aware of. Sack Allardyce, appoint ‘our own man’ a puppet manager. Who will comply to our wishes.
Alienate Chairman John Williams and Chief Executive Tom Finn. Leading to their sackings / resignations some four months later. After all the departures, with Venky’s blessing, and Bingo – “do what we want – take what we want and nobody will have the nouse to stop us” !.
Hence millions £ spent and wasted at will. Players bought for ridiculous sums of money on long and expensive contracts whilst promising Venky’s European Football, Premiership Trophies and ruling the football world.
The first Indian owners of a English club would be hailed as Genius Entrepreneurs.
In effect a Sports Agency, SEM, ran Rovers for the best part of two years and bankrupted it. By installing and buying their own clients and reaping the financial awards.
If Mrs Anuradha Desai still requires more convincing that she was duped, do no more that re-run that SKY TV tape with Nicholas extolling the virtues of Allardyce. The very man he vilified publicly on the same SKY TV Channel in 2010 then in 2011 / 2012 when the fans wanted Kean out.
Nicholas even vilified the fans for their protest. Saying they were unfounded, ill-advised and uninformed – in other words stupid.
Then of course we had the infamous Anderson interview - which was much of the same and SKY to their disgrace never sought an alternative point of view from the Rovers Supporters Action Group.
If Mrs Desai and her brothers do not realise by now they were duped and the club ruined, probably beyond repair, then god help us.
Legal redress is one course of action they could take. But will they?. They employ some of the world’s finest International Lawyers and legal brains. Surely they could put Anderson in ‘the dock’. He is at present facing charges for alleged fraud at Newcastle crown court, an action brought against him by another sports agency.
An open and honest statement to the fans, whose lives Venky’s have ruined, might repair some of the damage.
It might just attract back to Ewood some of the missing thousands who have left the club.
Anderson and Nicholas should get their comeuppance – it is all down to Mrs Desai with the help of Rovers supporters. She saw the level of support against Liverpool and she would have that kind of support right behind her if she ‘Bites the Bullet’ and seeks redress for the wrongs committed against her, her family, Rovers supporters, the town and our football club.


If anyone agrees and feels strongly about this matter, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make your opinions known.


Ask most football fans if theirs is a ‘Big’ club and they will tell you with conviction – of course.
Giants from the North West to the North East, from Yorkshire to the Midlands to London and across the south will point to historic titles, cup glories, bumper crowds or modern TV riches and insist “we are a huge club”.
For many years, Blackburn Rovers and Burnley fans have argued who is the bigger club.
Now the argument has been put to rest once and for all.
An independent survey has been commissioned and carried out by renowned International journalist Nick Harris for the Daily Mail. And the results are amazing.
The survey used no opinions, just hard evidence to determine the answers.
It was worked out by a complex system, to much detail to go into on these pages. But there was six major criteria’s. The survey covers a complete clubs history.
Crowds – Global Fan Base – Trophies – Average League Finish – Player Quality – Income.
And there are certainly contentious findings. Six of the biggest clubs – Wolves, Leeds, Blackburn, Sheffield Wednesday, Bolton, and Notts Forrest – Play outside the top division.
And where did Blackburn Rovers finish in the survey ?. An amazing 17th place. Burnley were in a creditable 26th place.
So job done. No more arguments. Blackburn Rovers are a bigger club than Burnley.
To read the survey in detail and how all the rankings were worked out, featuring, England's top 50 clubs. Visit www.dailymail.co.uk/sport .
Just to wet your appetite Man United were in top position and our local rivals Bolton in 19th.
It makes for a fascinating read.


The Rao family (pic above) had hoped against hope that Rovers would return to the Premiership after this season. And give the club an immediate influx of £150m of incoming revenue.
The club needs one season, just one, in the Premiership to solve the financial crisis.
£150m plus parachute payments of £93m for possible relegation, would solve the financial crisis, and stop the banks foreclosing on the club.
Barclays Bank have Ewood Park and all the clubs property assets, as security, taken out in November 2011, against massive losses and overdraft facilities.
Only Venky’s business reputation and private assets are keeping the club afloat through their good relationship with the Bank of India.
In order to clear Rovers £80m loss and rising, and comply with FFP regulations Rovers need a massive cash injection that promotion to the Premiership would give them.
An alternative now being considered by the Rao family is for Venky’s to become not only the clubs owners but also official sponsors.
Many things, including shirt sponsorship and the controversial renaming of Ewood Park to Venky’s Stadium would be paramount in the sponsorship. A £80m / £100m sponsorship deal over a three / five year period would make Rovers solvent, and well within FFP regulations.
Similar schemes have been undertaken at Manchester City and Arsenal. Although their revenue streams are much much greater than Rovers.
Home support is of a growing concern. The club cannot be sustained on present gates of around 13,000, with Ewood Park half empty.
Only Mrs Anuradha Desai can solve that one, by apologising to the stay away fans for completely ignoring them with her arrogance when they pleaded for the awful Kean to be sacked.



Financial Fair Play benefits the ‘Big’ clubs. They are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This was not meant to be.
David Gill (pic above) former Manchester United Chief Executive and now UEFA Executive member, one of the architects of FFP, was asked to name by a group of journalists, just one thing that FFP benefited smaller clubs. He could not think of one, and said he would “go away and think about it”. They are still waiting for his answer.
Manchester City are the latest club to become disillusioned by FFP rules.
City, not a small club by any means, believe financial regulations drafted by UEFA to stop clubs going bust are being used instead to protect the status quo at the top of the game.
Debt – free City were fined £50m and forced to operate under a £49m transfer limit this season after breaching FFP. But rivals United were allowed to spend £150m despite being almost £400m in debt.
City believe the real motive behind clubs like United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in enforcing UEFA to implement regulations was to prevent owners like Cities Sheikh Mansour from investing their wealth in players and wages. FFP rules as good as make it impossible for another team to win the Bundesliga other than Bayern Munich. German clubs fear that the Bundesliga is now uncompetitive. That will happen everywhere eventually. Including the English Championship, Blackburn Rovers for example will be a very small fish financially. The ones with parachute payments and large fan base will dominate the division.
City believe, along with other clubs, that FFP is protecting those few clubs who were already geared up to be successful over many years. It’s the clubs who were already able to generate the most revenue that wanted FFP the most.
City look at it in terms of the established order, including Man United and Chelsea, protecting themselves.
Many football clubs, including Blackburn Rovers, believe in the business world you cannot tell people that they can’t invest their own money in their own companies. So no more Jack Walkers. FFP in effect, prevents successful business men investing in business.
Although everyone understands that there needs to be regulation in football, but just because a club is part of the established order does not mean they should be guaranteed success forever.
If owners such as Venky’s, for example, are prepared to lose £80m over 3 – 4 years that is their business.
Those defending FFP quote the old chestnut ‘look what happened to Portsmouth’.
Due to FFP a lot of clubs are now up for sale – the fun has gone out of owning an English football club. Owners all over the land are open to offers.
It is reported that just about every club in the Midlands are seeking buyers – Aston Villa, Notts Forest, Birmingham City and Wolves amongst them.
Owners have had enough – so have fans. No longer can a ‘ Knight in shining armour’ rescue your club, like Jack Walker at Blackburn or Roman Abramovich at Chelsea. The wind of change may be coming to FFP. Financial Fair Play faces a backlash from some clubs and fans in England and Europe.
Some clubs, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal, pulled – up the draw bridge before FFP kicked in.
Obviously FFP suits some, it is a reason not to invest in players and wages, such as Newcastle and Burnley for example.
How will this effect Venky’s  / Rao family, what are their views on the matter ?.
We will never know – they never tell us anything.
We are still awaiting Mrs Anuradha Desai’s explanation for the sacking of Sam Allardyce in December 2010, and the appointments of ‘advisor’ Jerome Anderson and manager Steve Kean, that lead to an ‘outrageous Premiership heist’ and the ruination of Blackburn Rovers. Hence 12,000 missing fans from Ewood Park and still missing. All due to no explanation from Mrs Anuradha Desai.
Maybe Gary Bowyer could ask her on his trip to India next month !.



The frenzy to get rid of Bowyer (pic above) by some, following our defeat v Brighton has been fuelled by local press negativity and would not solve anything.
Gary Bowyer has laid the foundations for recovery. Now we need to build the walls and put the roof on. It is a long job. There is no quick fix.
Make no mistake, but for Bowyer and his staff backed by Derek Shaw, Rovers would be another Blackpool and could still be if common sense does not prevail.
Wigan and Blackpool look doomed for relegation – it is to Bowyers credit Rovers are not.
He is working under a transfer embargo, mounting debts and on a shoe string budget. And for those who still see Rovers as a ‘Big Club’ - you are deluded.
Match attendances alone, scream out the decline that has taken place. Gates of 13,000 or thereabouts will not get Rovers within the needed parameters of FFP. Ewood is virtually over 50% empty every Championship game. That is Mrs Anuradha Desai’s fault, in my opinion, but that is another subject for another day.
Bowyer is our Manager, and it is not going to change. No one of any higher calibre would want the job. It is a poisoned ‘Chalice’. Get real.
I was at the Brighton game, my seat 149 row 1, just behind Bowyer. He was incandescent with rage and frustration. He cares.
The performance was dreadful. Probably the worst since the days of the awful Kean, the hapless Berg and the clueless Appleton. But we are not that good, certainly not a top 6 side. Why should we be, what do people expect. We have no money – no quality players – a transfer embargo. And Venky’s of London hinting at Armageddon if promotion back to the Premiership gravy train is not achieved by 2016.
We have owners who do not talk to us. It is all left to Bowyer. It is a mess. Bowyer is trying to sort it out.
This continued criticism of him and certain players trying to ‘punch above their weight’ does no good at all.
If this time next season things have got worse than that will be the time for a change.
Not now.