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Following the brutal sacking of Gary Bowyer, and the appointment of Paul Lambert (Pic above). Rovers first experienced manager of repute since Sam Allardyce in 2010.
Venky’s new found vigour will now be put to the test.
Will they now free the club of the restrictions of financial fair play and the transfer embargo.?
Will they find new manager Lambert, funds to strengthen the playing squad.
Will they continue their pursuit of Jerome Anderson, and maintain their lawyers attempts at legal redress, against their former advisor and his Kentaro / SEM Sports agencies.
Exchanges between Venky’s and Anderson’s Lawyers have been in progress since 2011. As reported in the Daily Mail 29th April 2015.
Venky’s Lawyers make numerous disputed claims about Kentaro’s involvement in Blackburn after Venky’s bought the club in November 2010.
Amongst many things, it alleges it was Anderson who persuaded the new Indian owners to sack Allardyce and replace him with Steve Kean, a client of Kentaro’s agency partners SEM.
Kentaro are now in administration in the UK. But Anderson says it was entirely Venky’s decision to dispense with Allardyce as they wanted “good entertaining football”.
A quote that has come back to haunt matriarch Mrs Anuradha Desai. Although she maintains she was duped and reading from a prepared script provided by Anderson.
Anderson’s dealings with regard to transfer fees, and players lengthy and lucrative contracts, and excessive agents fees, are also allegedly being pursued and investigated by the owner’s lawyers.
Venky’s have taken encouragement from the lengthy pursuit by the Swiss and American authorities, of FIFA and their officials. And the Rao family are prepared for the long haul in their persuit of Anderson.
Here is wishing them every success.


On the 13th December 2010, one month after the Venky’s take over, Manager Sam Allardyce was mysteriously sacked by Blackburn Rovers.
Average attendances at Ewood Park, at the time, were 24,999. As supplied by Wikipedia.
Fast forward five years and Rovers gates have crashed. With an average in 2014/15 of 14,912. Gates have been in decline since the day Big Sam was shown the door. There are many reasons for this but more of that later. Attendances during and just before the Venky’s reign where ..

2009/10       25,000 (Premiership)
2010/11     24,999 (Premiership)
2011/12       22,551 (Premiership)
2012/13       14,997 (Championship)
2013/14       14,962 (Championship)
2014/15       14,912 (Championship)
2015/16           ??   (Championship)

Gates are falling fast. It is not all due to being in the Championship. In Rovers last spell in the Championship 1999/2000 average gate 19,253, 2000/2001 average gate 20,740.
Rovers Director of communications, Alan Myres, stated that gates need to be 20,000 for Rovers to break even financially. And this would not happen until promotion back to the Premiership. Rovers last spell in the Championship 1999/2001 disprove this theory.
The Venky’s reign has been a reign of error. Blackburn Rovers Football Club was in perfect working order when Venky’s bought it. Now it isn’t.
They have sucked the life out of the club and the fans.
I do not think Myres can even begin to comprehend the ill feeling towards Venky’s that exist in Blackburn.
Fans of long standing, no longer go to Ewood Park and will not whilst the club is under the current ownership. Sad but true. Venky’s run Blackburn Rovers like a corner shop, it is just a part of their business portfolio.
If the missing fans are even going to consider returning, Venky’s need to address and issue public statements on the following...

•    Why was Allardyce sacked, and who advised his dismissal?
•    Why was Steve Kean, a rookie Manager appointed, and who advised his appointment?
•    Why did Chairman John Williams and Chief Executive Tom Finn leave the club, and why were two of Footballs finest administrators allowed to go?
•    What was Jerome Andersons / Kentaro / SEM role at the club?
•    Why were average players signed by the club for large fees and huge contracts. And who authorised this? Effectively bankrupting the club.
•    Why was Andersons son, Myles Anderson given a Premiership contract and huge salary when he had not played a professional game for anyone at any level. Do Venkys and Anderson think the fans are stupid?
•    Why are Venky’s not seeking legal redress against Jerome Anderson and his agencies for mismanagement and alleged malpractice? Or are they? We need to know; it is our money!
•    Why has Mrs Anuradha Desai not issued a personal public apology for ruining our club and our lives.

I could go on and on, the list is endless. But until these issues are addressed the fans will not return Premiership or no Premiership despite, what Alan Myres thinks.

His pricing policy for the recent home game with Burnley was ridiculous. Resulting in a crowd of under 20,000 and Ewood Park a third empty. Scandalous.
His explanation that other clubs “Cashed in on big games” was ill-advised. Rovers are “not other clubs”. We have suffered five years of hell. We should be treated as the POUNDLAND of football. Small steps at a time to entice fans back. Not trying to cash in with premium prices for big games. Some Christmas and New Year promotions / discounts to the seasonal games would not go amiss.





Former Manchester City coach David Platt (pic above), who has been out of Football since leaving Manchester City in 2013, has been appointed head coach of Pune City FC in the newly formed ISL League which has just had its inaugural season. Pune finished in 6th place.
The new season starts in October and runs for 8 weeks.
Platt’s appointment has come to the notice of the Rao family (Venkys’) and have been impressed by the way he has approached his new role. Pune City FC Chief executive Gauran Modwel, speaks highly of Platt.
If Blackburn Rovers poor start to the season continues and they find themselves in the relegation places come Christmas, Venky’s could well turn to the ex-England player as Bowyer successor.
Platt aged 49, was born in Chadderton Lancashire, only 30 minutes from Ewood Park. Platt won 62 England Caps. He played for England v Germany in the 1990 World Cup semi-final.
His managerial career includes a spell at Nottingham Forrest and England U21 manager. He was seen to be groomed as the next England manager. When he left the FA he left Football. Re-emerging with Roberto Mancini at Manchester City 2010 / 2013, until Mancini was sacked.
As a player, Platts former clubs include Aston Villa, Arsenal, Juventus, Sampdoria, Bari, Notts Forrest and Crewe.
Someone with Platt’s experience and pedigree may well be the person Mrs Anuradha Desai turns to if unthinkable relegation to Division One looms at Ewood Park.





Sam Allardyce Autobiography is due out this Christmas. At the moment his lawyers are sifting through his new book. In preparation for publication.
Allardyce, a centre half, who had a chequered playing career with nine different clubs starting in 1973. Including spells at Bolton, Preston and Sunderland, making a total of 479 appearances and scoring 32 goals.
He has managed nine different clubs including, Preston, Blackpool, Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn and West Ham. He has managed a total of 921 games with a excellent win percentage of almost 40%.
Big Sam (pic above), was sacked in mysterious circumstances by Blackburn’s new owners Venky’s, on 13th December 2010. After exactly two years in charge at Ewood Park. Rovers were 10th in the Premiership at the time and only 5 points of the top 6.
Rovers Captain at the time, Ryan Nelsen, said “Not in my wildest dreams did I see this coming, nor did anyone else because of the job he has done since he came to Blackburn”, he told BBC Radio 5 Live. “When he took over, it was a club that was absolutely in diabolical trouble and he turned it into a very efficient, streamlined club that has spent no money and has done extremely well.
“A huge big leadership has gone from the club and the Premier League is unforgiving if you don’t have anyone directing the ship.
“The Venky’s say they have a plan for the club – they must, to have made a decision like this. But it’s ruthless.
“I feel gutted for the man, the players liked him, and the club liked him”.
Since that day Blackburn Rovers have fallen into decline in dramatic fashion.
Rumours have circulated as to the circumstances surrounding Sam’s demise at Ewood Park.
It is widely thought that the Venky’s agent / advisor Jerome Anderson, was behind the decision to get rid of Big Sam. So he could bring in his own man in the form of the devious Steve Kean. And allegedly plunder and pillage the club.
The rest is history, as Rovers fall further and further into the abyss.
It is documented that Venky’s have sought legal redress from Anderson for the sacking of Allardyce. But no joy, because of Mrs Desai’s personal public statement, that was allegedly prepared by Anderson, and they cannot prove otherwise. Venky’s know they made a big mistake getting rid of Sam.
Will Big Sam now blow Anderson and Kean ‘out of the water’ by revealing all?
We must await the publication of his much awaited Autobiography this December.
Big Sam, do your duty and ‘nail the Bastard’s’ !



Badly run clubs ruin themselves. They don’t need to be punished any more by the Football League.
Being a bad Football club is punishment enough, it does not need extreme action from above. In the form of transfer embargos and heavy fines as in the case of Blackburn Rovers, QPR, Notts Forrest and Leeds United.
Bad football clubs impose their own penalties, with bad business. Bad owners make bad signings, buy bad players, for bad money, get bad results and achieve bad League positions.
The good players cant wait to get out, and decent managers become contaminated by the foolishness.
Near the foot of the Championship are Blackburn Rovers, a club that may yet be relegated into oblivion by the Football League. Rovers have 3 points from 5 games and were eliminated from the Captial One Cup by Shrewsbury.
Gary Bowyer, is already being touted as the first managerial sacking of the season. As of January this year, Blackburn had debts of £79.8m. So this is a bad club, no doubt of that.
Yet it is also one operating under the restraints of a transfer embargo since the start of the year. The Football League allow an annual loss of just £8m and in season 2013 / 2014, Blackburn were down by £42.1m. In this way they were bang to rights.
Rovers are able to sign only free transfers or loan players, have wage restraints and a maximum squad size of 24. At the time, the embargo was imposed they were ninth in the league.
They are now in a relegation battle and their best players, such as Rudy Gestede, have left. The FL punishment is disproportionate, potentially ruinous when Blackburn were halved - ruined anyway.
Venky’s (pic above) who took over the club in 2010, have been disastrous owners. They sacked Sam Allardyce and appointed the inadequate Steve Kean, who promptly got them relegated. He was replaced by Henning Burg, gone in 57 days, and then Michael Appleton, gone in 67 days.
Bowyer had at least consolidated, and Blackburn had settled into relative mediocrity as a mid-table Championship club. And then along came the Football League with their giant ant-squasher of justice. League One now beckons.
Why are Blackburn losing so much money ? it’s a familiar story. They bought poorly, but expensively, in the Premier League and after relegation could not get poor, expensive players off the books. Due to poor ownership and the trust the owners put into agent / advisor Jerome Anderson. Further punishments from the football league are not needed for badly run clubs, they punish themselves.