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Rao Family Motive?

If Steve Kean is retained for next season, as Mr Ventkatesy Rao has indicated. He will be regardless of relegation or not, it will be an even worse disaster that we find ourselves in now. I can see falling gates and even a possible "double" relegation falling into division 1 and oblivion. Players of any repute are not going to sigh for a puppet manager with Jerome Anderson pulling his strings. It is becoming apparent that the new owners do not realise the importance placed upon a manager in English football. I saw Ventkatesh Rao interviewed from India during the cricket world cup, his love and knowledge was apparent unfortunately when he is interviewed about football he appears vague and unknowledgable. The same can be said of his sister Mrs Desai, her naive comments regarding Sam Allardyce and her visions of where Rovers should be in the premiership bear testimony to that. What the Rao family must do is either be hands on and that is impossible from 5000 miles away or have people acting on their behalf and in Blackburn's interest who are knowledgeable and experienced. Not people like Jerome Anderson who is acting in self interest and for monetary gain.

Ince Sacked, Why Not Kean?


When former chairman John Williams acted incisively and sacked Paul Ince, Rovers where in 19th position in the Premiership and sinking fast.


Ince's Record

13 points from 17 games

Kean's Record

14 points from 16 games

Sam In Demand


Sam AllardyceFunny how Sam Allardyce’s “stock” has risen since he was unjustly sacked by Jerome Anderson, sorry, Blackburn Rovers in December. Although football was quite aware of his management ability’s, his reputation has increased following the dramatic demise of the Rovers since his departure.

Sam has been connected with several premiership jobs.

Everton, Fulham and Aston Villa all have their sights on him should they have to make any management changes, whether enforced in the case of Everton and Fulham or by choice in the case of Aston Villa.

Kalinic Or Roberts


Nikola KalinićHad big Sam still been manager in January Jason Roberts would have been shown the door and Nico Kalinic would have been in the match day squad, every week, instead it is now the other way round.

Kalinic or Roberts, opinions are divided, but seeing Roberts cannot “trap a bag of Cement”, continuously gives away free kicks in the box, thwarting attacking moves, cannot hold the ball up, cannot turn a defender, do I need to go on. Guess who I prefer??

Ewood Crisis - Apology Needed


Facing relegation and Rovers can not beat Blackpool or Birmingham at home, Two of Kean's "will win" games. Two exceptional poor results, won those and we would be almost safe, I can not see where a win is coming from.

We have gone nine Premiership games without a win and still Kean is in a job. Steve Kean and agent advisor Jerome Anderson have turned a good Premiership team into the worst in the division, that's not an opinion, that's fact. We are definitely going down and its time the majority of Rovers supporters faced up to the fact. I cannot see another win this season making fifteen without a victory on the trot. How much longer can Kean survive?

The silence for the Rao brothers and sister Mrs Desai is deafening especially after Mrs Desai venomous verbal attack on Sam Allardyce back in December. No wonder they have gone quiet, they have been a disaster and shouldn't have been let near a football club, let alone a Premiership one. They could at least make a gesture to the supporters by apologising for the sackings of Sam Allerdyce and chairman John Williams, both good men, doing a good job.