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Owners “Sensation”



Word on the football world grapevine is that Blackburn Rovers new owners, the ROA family, did not know you could be relegated from the premiership when they invested forty six million pounds to purchase the club. It would appear nobody thought to tell them, well you wouldn't would you? Being entranced in the culture of cricket and the Indian premier league, the hapless Indian owners presumed the English football premiership was run on the same lines, in it for life!!

Hence the strange decision to sack Sam Allardyce at the request of agent Jerome Anderson. The ROA family did not think it would matter one way or another and they could install their own persona on the Rovers over a period of time under the guidance of the “useless” Kentaro agency headed by Jerome Anderson. Now panic has set in, hence their sudden presence at west ham on Saturday.

They now know what a clanger they dropped in sacking Allardyce.

So far there have been no denials to the rumour.

Beggar’s belief, you couldn't make it up!!

Kean “The King of Spin”



After Saturday’s very creditable display at Upton Park, Rovers manager Steve Kean announced in his post-match press conference, that the rovers were now one of the in-form sides in the bottom half of the premiership.

Having had results in five of the previous seven premiership games, what nonsense  Mr Kean, Kean like Jerome Anderson, really does take us northerners for fools. The reality is that Rovers have drawn four, lost two and won one of the last seven games, seven points from a possible twenty one relegation form in anyone’s language.

Mr Kean please stop treating us as “Thick” Lancastrians, you have won once in the last twelve premiership games, taking eight points from a possible thirty six, turning Blackburn rovers into the worst team in the premiership. If by some miracle we survive and stay in the premiership it will be mainly because of the twenty one points accumulated by Sam Allardyce from  his seventeen games in charge.


Protest V Man City

Let your feeling be known at the Man City game at Ewood park on Easter Monday. Hopefully there will be a win for the Rovers, but I doubt it. Unfortunately we supporters have to face facts and acknowledge that Kean's team is the worst in the premiership and going down.

We will be in the bottom 3 over the weekend, barring a miracle. I fear our goal difference could take a hammering on Monday evening against a rejuvenated Man City, following their semi-final win.

"Allardyce and Williams Back"

"Kean is Chicken Feed" 

Relegation or Survival


Oliver Holt, chief football writer of the daily Mirror predicts the demise of Blackburn Rovers under Steve Kean and certain relegation into the abyss of the football league. He is not alone in his opinion amongst the British Sporting Press.

Reg has been predicting the chain of events that have unfolded at Ewood Park since the 13th December 2010, the day Sam Allardyce was sacked. I did not however expect such a dismal run of form, one win in the eleven premiership games, Rovers worst run of form since 1986 twenty five years ago.

Still Kean insists we will win one other game to lift us to safety, if you win one in eleven it is stretching credibility to believe you will win one game in three. No chance of another win in our last three games, and a draw is the best we can believe will make us safe, so long as Man United and Wolves do not do serious damage to our goal difference.

Either way, Steve Kean and John Jenson are not the men to take Blackburn forward. Rovers need a creditable, experienced manager who is his own man and who can attract quality players to the club.

What footballer of any repute wants to play for Mr Kean?



Rao Family Motive?

If Steve Kean is retained for next season, as Mr Ventkatesy Rao has indicated. He will be regardless of relegation or not, it will be an even worse disaster that we find ourselves in now. I can see falling gates and even a possible "double" relegation falling into division 1 and oblivion. Players of any repute are not going to sigh for a puppet manager with Jerome Anderson pulling his strings. It is becoming apparent that the new owners do not realise the importance placed upon a manager in English football. I saw Ventkatesh Rao interviewed from India during the cricket world cup, his love and knowledge was apparent unfortunately when he is interviewed about football he appears vague and unknowledgable. The same can be said of his sister Mrs Desai, her naive comments regarding Sam Allardyce and her visions of where Rovers should be in the premiership bear testimony to that. What the Rao family must do is either be hands on and that is impossible from 5000 miles away or have people acting on their behalf and in Blackburn's interest who are knowledgeable and experienced. Not people like Jerome Anderson who is acting in self interest and for monetary gain.