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Blackburn Rovers. A club in turmoil

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, they just did.

If the worry of relegation was not enough and a crucial game against an on form Wolves on the horizon, Rovers were dealt a double whammy this week.

Beware agents

News has just emerged from West Ham that they have been using football agent Barry Silkman to “advise” and to recruit players. Silkman was also instrumental in employing manager Avram Grant.
Given the poor quality of players brought into the club by Silkman and the fact West Ham had a nightmare season resulting in relegation, “does it remind you of anyone”?

For West Ham read Blackburn Rovers, for Barry Silkman read Jerome Anderson.

Enough said!!




One win in 13 premier league games is just not acceptable, no wonder we can be relegated on the seasons last day. Rovers should not be in this mess and would not have been but for the rediculous sacking of Sam Allardyce, well documented on regoftherovers web site.

Any other manager would have by now been sacked, what other premiership club would tolerate Kean's dismal record?

Question. If Kean was out of work tomorrow what top flight club would employ him?

Answer. NONE

So why should the Rovers?

Jerome Anderson and Kentaro Agency, who sacked Allardyce, and put into place the puppet manager Steve Kean are to blame along with Nieve owners.

The strong structure put into place by Allardyce and John Willaims is all but gone.

BLACKBURN ROVERS, Made in Lancashire, Destroyed in India.


£40 million day of destiny


The price of relegation from the Barclays premier league is an estimated £40 million pounds and goes downhill from there.

The departure of top players, staff redundancies, a fall in local trade and no guarantee in being back any time soon.

The lower divisions are littered with the carcasses of once great premier league clubs.

Pity Mrs Desai, Ventkatesh Rao and Bahji Rao did not think of this before that fateful day 13th December when they sacked Sam Allardyce and handed the keys to Ewood Jerome Anderson.

To compound matters, relegation rivals Wolves and Wigan have "found form", Blackpool will face a weakened Man Utd and vibes coming out of Spurs are that!  They are not all that keen on qualifying for the Europa Cup prior to the clash with Birmingham.

Happy Sunday!!



Owners “Sensation”



Word on the football world grapevine is that Blackburn Rovers new owners, the ROA family, did not know you could be relegated from the premiership when they invested forty six million pounds to purchase the club. It would appear nobody thought to tell them, well you wouldn't would you? Being entranced in the culture of cricket and the Indian premier league, the hapless Indian owners presumed the English football premiership was run on the same lines, in it for life!!

Hence the strange decision to sack Sam Allardyce at the request of agent Jerome Anderson. The ROA family did not think it would matter one way or another and they could install their own persona on the Rovers over a period of time under the guidance of the “useless” Kentaro agency headed by Jerome Anderson. Now panic has set in, hence their sudden presence at west ham on Saturday.

They now know what a clanger they dropped in sacking Allardyce.

So far there have been no denials to the rumour.

Beggar’s belief, you couldn't make it up!!