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Why Kean must go

If Ventkatesh Rao is serious about Blackburn Rovers being a top 10 premiership team, then he has to appoint a manager capable of putting us there, just like Sam Allardyce did.

Steve Kean is clearly out of his depth, as a Lancashire Evening telegraph correspondence Simon Smith wrote “20,000 leagues out of his depth”.

“Reg” is encouraged to know that he is not the only one who does not rate Kean as a manager, good coach maybe, nice bloke probably, premiership manager definitely not.

Before we get onto the whys and wherefores regarding Kean, it is more than interesting to note that the Rovers new owners who have so far been a disaster, have lowered their sights somewhat. From Mrs Desai original statements having purchased the Rovers, “Should be in the top 5” “Should be playing in Europe” “Should be playing entertaining football”.

We now have a deadly silence from Mrs Desai…Thank goodness.

The official party line is now to “Finish in the top ten” and “For the team to be organised” Just like when Sam Allardyce was manager!

If ever an apology was needed, it is from the new owners to acknowledge they made an almighty blunder sacking Allaradyce and apologise first of all then to the supporters for putting them through the unnecessary agony of possible relegation, until that apology is forthcoming, we cannot move on, the strange unexplained decision still lingers on, and so to Mr Kean it is my belief, Rovers stopped up in the premiership despite Kean, not because of him. His record is atrocious, repeated next season we will be relegated by Christmas. That I believe is a distinct possibility. Kean’s record is well documented so does not need repeating by me only to say we had our worst run of results under Kean for 25 years and went 11 premiership games without a win, how has Kean kept his job? Probably through the advice of agent Jerome Anderson, whose son is now sitting on a lucrative two year contract with Rovers, having played one game with Aberdeen as a sub! Beggars’ belief!

So far Anderson has not bought one player of note to the club.

At the end it was the experienced players already in place that got the Rovers out of trouble, certainly not Jermaine Jones as Kean would have us believe. Kean’s spin throughout the season has been insufferable, treating the fans as fools.

D-Day beckons

One win in thirteen premier league games is just not acceptable, no wonder Rovers can be relegated on the seasons last day. Rovers should not be in this mess and would not for the ridiculous sacking of Sam Allardyce.

Any other manager bar Kean, would have been sacked, what other premiership club would tolerate Kean’s dismal record. By their continued support of Kean, the new owners are losing all credibility.

QUESTION.  If Kean was out of work tomorrow what top form flight club, premiership or championship would employ him?

ANSWER.  None.

Not even Kilmarnock wanted him. The only reason Kean is not on the dole que,  is because Allardyce rescued him from it and look at the the thanks Sam got.

Word on the football grapevine is that Kean is an unpopular outcast in football circles.

Once the final whistle blows against Wolves on Sunday, relegated or not, there will be a que of players wanting to exit Blackburn Rovers, Jason Roberts apart who must be amazed he is in the starting line-up of a premiership team, but not as amazed as me!

Why Rovers employ Kean is beyond mine and others comprehension.

The answer probably lye’s with Jerome Anderson and his Kentaro agency, who sacked Allardyce and put into place there puppet manager who in turn hands out a lucrative contract to Anderson’s son, who’s senior football experience is a three minute substitution appearance with Aberdeen.

Nieve owners, who followed Anderson’s advice, have contributed to Rovers demise.

The strong structure put into place by Allardyce and John Williams is all but gone.


Blackburn Rovers,

Made in Lancashire, Destroyed in India



Beware agents

News has just emerged from West Ham that they have been using football agent Barry Silkman to “advise” and to recruit players. Silkman was also instrumental in employing manager Avram Grant.
Given the poor quality of players brought into the club by Silkman and the fact West Ham had a nightmare season resulting in relegation, “does it remind you of anyone”?

For West Ham read Blackburn Rovers, for Barry Silkman read Jerome Anderson.

Enough said!!



Blackburn Rovers. A club in turmoil

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, they just did.

If the worry of relegation was not enough and a crucial game against an on form Wolves on the horizon, Rovers were dealt a double whammy this week.

£40 million day of destiny


The price of relegation from the Barclays premier league is an estimated £40 million pounds and goes downhill from there.

The departure of top players, staff redundancies, a fall in local trade and no guarantee in being back any time soon.

The lower divisions are littered with the carcasses of once great premier league clubs.

Pity Mrs Desai, Ventkatesh Rao and Bahji Rao did not think of this before that fateful day 13th December when they sacked Sam Allardyce and handed the keys to Ewood Jerome Anderson.

To compound matters, relegation rivals Wolves and Wigan have "found form", Blackpool will face a weakened Man Utd and vibes coming out of Spurs are that!  They are not all that keen on qualifying for the Europa Cup prior to the clash with Birmingham.

Happy Sunday!!