Sam In Demand


Sam AllardyceFunny how Sam Allardyce’s “stock” has risen since he was unjustly sacked by Jerome Anderson, sorry, Blackburn Rovers in December. Although football was quite aware of his management ability’s, his reputation has increased following the dramatic demise of the Rovers since his departure.

Sam has been connected with several premiership jobs.

Everton, Fulham and Aston Villa all have their sights on him should they have to make any management changes, whether enforced in the case of Everton and Fulham or by choice in the case of Aston Villa.

Ewood Crisis - Apology Needed


Facing relegation and Rovers can not beat Blackpool or Birmingham at home, Two of Kean's "will win" games. Two exceptional poor results, won those and we would be almost safe, I can not see where a win is coming from.

We have gone nine Premiership games without a win and still Kean is in a job. Steve Kean and agent advisor Jerome Anderson have turned a good Premiership team into the worst in the division, that's not an opinion, that's fact. We are definitely going down and its time the majority of Rovers supporters faced up to the fact. I cannot see another win this season making fifteen without a victory on the trot. How much longer can Kean survive?

The silence for the Rao brothers and sister Mrs Desai is deafening especially after Mrs Desai venomous verbal attack on Sam Allardyce back in December. No wonder they have gone quiet, they have been a disaster and shouldn't have been let near a football club, let alone a Premiership one. They could at least make a gesture to the supporters by apologising for the sackings of Sam Allerdyce and chairman John Williams, both good men, doing a good job.


Blackburn Condemmed


For those who are not aware, Sunday supplement on sky sports 1 takes place at 9.30 am on Sundays and consist of four well known sports journalist from our national newspapers discussing the weeks football topics.


Now I have been accused of being self-opinionated when it comes to the current going on’s at Blackburn rovers with manager steve kean and agent / advisor Jerome Anderson, maybe so, but on Sunday 20th March my thoughts and opinions were echoed by fleet streets finest. None other than Brian Woulnough daily star, Steve Bates Sunday people, Matt Lawson daily mail, and Neil Custis of the sun thought steve kean nothing than a puppet manager, the new owners badly advised and rovers heading for relegation.

Double Take! Steve Kean, Football Manager or Bank Manager!!

Blackburn Rovers -
A Disaster Waiting To Happen

"December 13th 2010"
A date that will be etched on the minds of Blackburn Rovers supporters infinitely. For that is the day that Blackburn's proud record of eleven consecutive seasons in the premier league effectively come to an end. For that is the day that Blackburn's new Indian owners sacked Sam Allardyce for no good reason.

From That moment Rovers future was sealed. It is just a matter of time possibly by mid April that Blackburn will be firmly entranced in the premiership bottom three with no hope of escape. Sam's replacement Steve Kean is way out of his depth, a football coach he may be a manager he is not.

How is it possible the Kean turned down by Kilmarnock in July for the managers job at the Scottish club, ends up one of only 20 premiership managers in the world. How is it possible that the premierships third most experienced manager Allardyce, is sacked before the ink is dry on the take over by the Venky Group!


Blackburn Plummet into Free Fall

As Blackburn plummet into free fall and towards relegation, the question has to be asked who is running Blackburn rovers? And the answer is not manager Steve Kean.

If any more examples were needed that Kean is indeed a “ puppet” manager then the recruitment of agent Jerome Anderson son Myles to the playing staff and payroll says it all.

Anderson is the man responsible for the shameful sacking of Sam Allardyce, the new owners, Venky's, acting upon his advice. Having installed his own clients into key positions, after getting rid of Allardyce and chairman of 14 years John Williams, Anderson brazen signing of his own son, age twenty with just one game for Aberdeen on his CV., really takes the biscuit.

Kean’s somewhat feeble defence on having another unwanted player forced upon him was that Myles Anderson is a late developer who could become another Chris Smalling (Man Utd).