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Readers’ comments

Thank you those of you who have taken the time to post your comments on Reg of the Rovers web.

However if you are to leave a comment please make it constructive. I do not want all my spelling mistakes and grammar errors pointing out, I am not a trained journalist, just an elderly supporter, who has supported Rovers since 1957 age ten at the time and loves “The Mighty Rovers” Blackburn Rovers”.

My eyesight is not what it was and my fingers unsteady on the keypad, so bear with me, put your own punctuation in if it’s missing, you will get the jist.

If you think Steve Kean is a good manager and a good appointment for the Rovers say why!

If you think the new owners are right for the club and you have been impressed, say why!

If you think Jerome Anderson is the man to “advice” the Roa family, say why!

If you are impressed with Rovers signing to date, say why!

If you think Kean will lead us to the top half of the premiership, say why!

If you think we will not be involved in the next season relegation scrap, say why!

I await with interest



Welcome Back Big Sam

Congratulations to West Ham Utd on a magnificent management appointment.

Unfortunately I can see Sam coming back to haunt the Rovers in seasons to come and what is the betting we will not be changing places with West Ham at the end of the coming season, that would be ironic.

There is no doubt Sam will get West Ham into shape, just as he did with Rovers following Paul Ince brief reign.

Sam being sacked still rankles with me, it was completely unnecessary. One thing is for certain, West ham will not be doing any business with football agent Anderson, the man responsible for Sam’s sacking and the putting in place of puppet manager Steve Kean.

One question all Rovers supporters need to ask themselves if thinking Kean is OK for the Rovers, and it is this if Kean was available for employment tomorrow, which premiership team would employ him as manager, presuming they were seeking a manager?

The answer is NONE!. So why should we put up with this none charismatic, low profile, non-entity?

West Ham, you are lucky to have BIG SAM, I am envious, just wish he was still at Ewood Park.


Rovers, no longer “Public enemy No 1”

Since the 13th December 2010, the fateful day Sam Allardyce was sacked, Blackburn Rovers and the Venky group have been public enemy number one in the eyes of the English popular press.

To compound matters the press have not taken to Steve Kean, nor have the majority of Rovers supporters for that matter. The over whelming consensus amongst Britain’s most prominent sports writers was for “the chicken farmers”, the upstart Kean, and agent Jerome Anderson to be well and truly put in their place by being relegated into oblivion.

As we now know this did not happen much to the rest of footballs disappointment because Rovers had really become everyone’s in favourite team.

Thank goodness then for Queens Park Rangers. Step forward Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone, the shareholding geniuses who have given their blessing to almost doubling the price of admission to their Loftus Rd ground for next season newly arrived premiership club. Fans will be charged a minimum of £47 upwards to £75. A real kick in the teeth to the Q.P.R supporters who have loyaly supported their team through thick and thin.

The popular press have now Q.P.R firmly in their sights as the owners to hate, taking the pressure of the Roa brothers.

Speaking of Ventkatesh rao, his brother and sister, all credit has to go to them by freezing admission prices for next season, probably as well with Kean as manager. Just do not spoil it by re-naming Ewood Park ..The Venky stadium, then you could offer FREE admission and no one would come.


Fans Are The Real Owners

OK,  The Roa Family purchased Blackburn Rovers from the walker Trust for a paltry £46 million back in December.

So far their tenure has been little short of disastrous. The sacking of Allardyce, the fight against relegation, the insistence of being “advised” by agent Jerome Anderson and last but not least, the appointment of a unpopular and inept manager.

Kean’s latest words of wisdom are that he is proud to have led Rovers to premiership safety. Has nobody told him we were only in this mess because of him?

Venky’s group may think they own Blackburn Rovers, in effect they don’t, the supporters do, without supporters, no club, they are the custodians.

They had better be aware their insistence on the continued choice of Steve Kean as manager could come back to haunt them!

A poor start to next season and they will witness the full force of supporters power




Why Kean must go

If Ventkatesh Rao is serious about Blackburn Rovers being a top 10 premiership team, then he has to appoint a manager capable of putting us there, just like Sam Allardyce did.

Steve Kean is clearly out of his depth, as a Lancashire Evening telegraph correspondence Simon Smith wrote “20,000 leagues out of his depth”.

“Reg” is encouraged to know that he is not the only one who does not rate Kean as a manager, good coach maybe, nice bloke probably, premiership manager definitely not.

Before we get onto the whys and wherefores regarding Kean, it is more than interesting to note that the Rovers new owners who have so far been a disaster, have lowered their sights somewhat. From Mrs Desai original statements having purchased the Rovers, “Should be in the top 5” “Should be playing in Europe” “Should be playing entertaining football”.

We now have a deadly silence from Mrs Desai…Thank goodness.

The official party line is now to “Finish in the top ten” and “For the team to be organised” Just like when Sam Allardyce was manager!

If ever an apology was needed, it is from the new owners to acknowledge they made an almighty blunder sacking Allaradyce and apologise first of all then to the supporters for putting them through the unnecessary agony of possible relegation, until that apology is forthcoming, we cannot move on, the strange unexplained decision still lingers on, and so to Mr Kean it is my belief, Rovers stopped up in the premiership despite Kean, not because of him. His record is atrocious, repeated next season we will be relegated by Christmas. That I believe is a distinct possibility. Kean’s record is well documented so does not need repeating by me only to say we had our worst run of results under Kean for 25 years and went 11 premiership games without a win, how has Kean kept his job? Probably through the advice of agent Jerome Anderson, whose son is now sitting on a lucrative two year contract with Rovers, having played one game with Aberdeen as a sub! Beggars’ belief!

So far Anderson has not bought one player of note to the club.

At the end it was the experienced players already in place that got the Rovers out of trouble, certainly not Jermaine Jones as Kean would have us believe. Kean’s spin throughout the season has been insufferable, treating the fans as fools.