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New quality signings for the next season?

Mark Hughes


All Rovers fans are expecting some quality signings this summer, forget it!!!!

No player of repute is going to play for Steve Kean.

Remember when Jack Walker took over the Rovers, his manager was Don McKay. Jack quickly realised that no matter how much money he had and how much he was willing to spend, Blackburn Rovers could not attract the quality of player that Jack wanted. So what did Jack do? He went for the best manager available and made Kenny Dalglish an offer he could not refuse.

Money talked, Dalglish’s appointment rocked the football world, mind you at the time Jack Walkers money was the biggest around. Today he would not be the “biggest fish in the pond”.

Even so, can you ever see Uncle Jack appointing a non-entity like Kean, no chance!

There are still some decent managers available, amongst them are Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelloti, Steve McClaren, David Jones, Martin O’Niel, Alan Curbishley or even have a punt on Lee Clark at Huddersfield.

Is Steve Kean the most unpopular Rovers manager, EVER?

steve keane pointing


On reading the website, the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in particular it is difficult to find anyone with a good word for Kean.

The obvious reasons for Kean’s unpopularity are.

1.  He presided over Rovers worst run of form for 25 years

2.  He appears to be well out of his depth and uncomfortable. Especially when confronted by the media. In other words he comes over very badly, unsure of himself and the demands of management, particularly at the highest level.

3.    He treats Rovers supporters as fools, for example, when he said “we have had seven positive results in our last 10 games”. What he meant was we have only lost 2, drawn 7 and won 1, hardly anything to boast about, he never ever spoke about Rovers 11 match run without a win, which almost got us relegated and would have done but for the 21 points accumulated by Sam Allardyce.

4.    He cannot handle premiership players, even the likes of Alex Ferguson, Mark Hughes and Allaradyce find it difficult enough, what chance Kean?

5.    He now has the image of a heavy drinking Scotsman, unfortunate but his own fault.



A fit and proper person

The question has to be asked, is Steve Kean a fit and proper person to hold the prestigious position of manager of Blackburn Rovers football club?

Following Mr Kean’s appearance in court this week where he was charged with drink driving and being twice over the legal limit. The question has to be asked.

Let’s not mince words, twice over the limit means DRUNK whilst driving. To compound the matter Kean’s journey was not a short one, not that that would be an excuse, but a two hour drive in busy traffic on the M6, on a busy Saturday night on one of Britain’s busiest motorways. But to be fair to him he has pleaded not guilty and will appear in Crown Court in August, so he must have a case and a defence.

So innocent till proven guity, we await with interest



Are the new owners about to cash in?

Phil Jones


Reg has a terrible niggling feeling and it is this.

The Roa family bought Blackburn Rovers for a reported £26 million plus adopted debts of £20 million that is a total outlay of £46 million.

Now look at the assets.

Five players could be sold tomorrow.

  • Phil Jones 15 m.
  • Chris Samba 12 m
  • Junior Hoilett 15 m
  • Paul Robinson 5 m
  • Frank Fielding 5 m

Total 52 million

Investment covered!



About Reg

Some have asked who I am!

I am a loyal long standing Blackburn Rovers supporter for over 50 years.

My first game was Rovers v/s Nott’s Forrest in 1957. I went to the 1960 F.A. Cup final with my uncle who was editor of the Blackburn Times, (sadly the paper is no more).

I played for Rovers “A” when A and B teams played at Altham on a pitch just behind what is now Accrington Stanley’s Crown ground.

I became very close to Jackie Campbell, then the Rovers youth coach who became quite a good renowned after dinner speaker and a legend around Ewood Park.

My early idols were the 1960 FA Cup final team, Leyland, Whelan, Woods, McGrath, Bray, Dobing, Clayton, Vernon, Douglas, Dougan, and McLeod.

I have held most administration posts in football, including the chairman of a well renowned non – league side for 10 years. I have been company secretary, press officer, director and served on the executive of the Vauxhall Conference, now Blue Square league and worked at the football league headquarters when they were situated at Lytham St Anne’s When I was a youngster, I never missed a game at Ewood.

I remember going to Bill Eckersley’s toffee shop, near to Ewood Park, a couple of hours before kick-off every game, the great man would be serving behind the counter before going to get his boots from the back room and walking the short distance to the ground. “Will we win today Bill” we used to say, “Aye no trouble lad” Bill used to quip.

Can you imagine England’s finest full back in those circumstances today, not a chance, but the maximum wage for players was £20 per week, a good wage then but all footballers had another job. Remember Ronnie Claytons paper shop in Darwen, I have a signed copy of Ronnie’s autobiography “A Slave to Soccer” he called it. No wonder. Amongst my friends are many Blackburn Rovers players and officials sadly all in the past, none present.

But I hold a real fear for Blackburn Rovers and the future. Something is not right!

It is not a happy club like it used to be, Players are wanting to leave. Admin staff are not happy. The departure of John Williams has done untold damage; administrators like him are few and far between.

I fear Jerome Anderson is a bad influence and has his own interest at heart and not that of the club.

I remember some cantankerous chairman in my time, John Forbes and Bill Bancroft were not the easiest of men to please, but they had the interest of Blackburn Rovers first and foremost, I am not sure that is the case with our new owners, only time will tell.

But you, the supporters have the most powerful voice of all, if you are not happy with Blackburn Rovers are being run then use your voice and power of the pen. Contact your local radio station, local and national press, websites and twitter or write direct to Ventkatesh Roa or Mrs Desai c/o Ewood Park