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What a shambles

Regarding the latest debacle at Blackburn Rovers, the Phil Jones transfer and the demise of another good man from Ewood Park, Tom Finn a top administrator. Let me sum it up by quoting Michael Calvin of the Sunday Mirror from his column on Sunday 12th June. “Blackburn Rovers have no chairman, chief executive or managing director. Venky’s their indain owners have no credibility and no clue. In their infinitive wisdom they chose to dispense with John Williams and Tom Finn, not stellar names but superb administrators for over 15 years. They would have advised against the embarrassing squabble over Phil Jones”.

Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail wrote a similar article in his column on Monday 13th June calling the Rovers advisors “Dozy” i.e. Jerome Anderson.

The silence from our “own” newspaper the Lancashire Evening Telegraph has been deafening!



New quality signings for the next season?

Mark Hughes


All Rovers fans are expecting some quality signings this summer, forget it!!!!

No player of repute is going to play for Steve Kean.

Remember when Jack Walker took over the Rovers, his manager was Don McKay. Jack quickly realised that no matter how much money he had and how much he was willing to spend, Blackburn Rovers could not attract the quality of player that Jack wanted. So what did Jack do? He went for the best manager available and made Kenny Dalglish an offer he could not refuse.

Money talked, Dalglish’s appointment rocked the football world, mind you at the time Jack Walkers money was the biggest around. Today he would not be the “biggest fish in the pond”.

Even so, can you ever see Uncle Jack appointing a non-entity like Kean, no chance!

There are still some decent managers available, amongst them are Rafa Benitez, Carlo Ancelloti, Steve McClaren, David Jones, Martin O’Niel, Alan Curbishley or even have a punt on Lee Clark at Huddersfield.

Are the new owners about to cash in?

Phil Jones


Reg has a terrible niggling feeling and it is this.

The Roa family bought Blackburn Rovers for a reported £26 million plus adopted debts of £20 million that is a total outlay of £46 million.

Now look at the assets.

Five players could be sold tomorrow.

  • Phil Jones 15 m.
  • Chris Samba 12 m
  • Junior Hoilett 15 m
  • Paul Robinson 5 m
  • Frank Fielding 5 m

Total 52 million

Investment covered!


Is Steve Kean the most unpopular Rovers manager, EVER?

steve keane pointing


On reading the website, the Lancashire Evening Telegraph in particular it is difficult to find anyone with a good word for Kean.

The obvious reasons for Kean’s unpopularity are.

1.  He presided over Rovers worst run of form for 25 years

2.  He appears to be well out of his depth and uncomfortable. Especially when confronted by the media. In other words he comes over very badly, unsure of himself and the demands of management, particularly at the highest level.

3.    He treats Rovers supporters as fools, for example, when he said “we have had seven positive results in our last 10 games”. What he meant was we have only lost 2, drawn 7 and won 1, hardly anything to boast about, he never ever spoke about Rovers 11 match run without a win, which almost got us relegated and would have done but for the 21 points accumulated by Sam Allardyce.

4.    He cannot handle premiership players, even the likes of Alex Ferguson, Mark Hughes and Allaradyce find it difficult enough, what chance Kean?

5.    He now has the image of a heavy drinking Scotsman, unfortunate but his own fault.



A fit and proper person

The question has to be asked, is Steve Kean a fit and proper person to hold the prestigious position of manager of Blackburn Rovers football club?

Following Mr Kean’s appearance in court this week where he was charged with drink driving and being twice over the legal limit. The question has to be asked.

Let’s not mince words, twice over the limit means DRUNK whilst driving. To compound the matter Kean’s journey was not a short one, not that that would be an excuse, but a two hour drive in busy traffic on the M6, on a busy Saturday night on one of Britain’s busiest motorways. But to be fair to him he has pleaded not guilty and will appear in Crown Court in August, so he must have a case and a defence.

So innocent till proven guity, we await with interest