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Walker Trust To The Rescue

Jack Walker

In respect for the memory of the late Jack walker and for the sake of a famous football club and its supporters, I appeal for the Walker Trust and the immediate family of Jack Walker to buy back Blackburn Rovers before the club disappears into oblivion.


Southern Bias


Reg has come in for some criticism for quoting some sections of the National Press who like Reg are not in favour of the way Blackburn Rovers are being run.

Not all comments have been by Southern based journalist’s however as stated by one Reader! Who was very scathing regarding Southern sports writers stating they had a agenda against the Rover’s. I do not agree with that view point, today’s journalist are very well informed and usually uncannily accurate, as they have to be.

Many sources of information can come from “within” a club, usually players who have contracts with the press for their own interest.

With regard to the scathing comment’s regarding Southerners, let’s not forget Blackburn Rovers are being run by a Southern based sports agency, Kentaro and their Chairman, Chief Executive Jerome Anderson, a Londoner!

No comments about that so far!





Andy Cryer, sports journalist of the year!


Lancashire Evening Telegraph sports journalist Andy Cryer should really earn an award, not to mention a pay rise from his employers. Anyone who can stretch Steve Kean’s life story over three editions is a master of his craft.

I know the Rovers reporter has to write what he is told and tow the “party line”.

I Don’t.

What tosh Kean has come out with, he even takes the credit for Rovers avoiding relegation, he just does not get it.

Wake up Mr Kean; we were only in a relegation struggle because of YOU.

Kean states he did not want the season to end because Rovers were in a rich vein of form over the last 10 games.

OK let’s have a look at this “Rich vein of Form”

Record reads: P10. W2. L3. D5. Points 11. Just slightly a fraction over a point a game, that’s relegation territory if repeated next season.



How lower can we sink?

How embarrassing, how lower can Rover’s sink in the eyes of the football world?

Having got rid of two of the game’s best administrators, John Williams and tom Finn, we have now been turned down by Adam Pearson of Hull city. Yes that Adam Pearson who presided over last year’s Hull relegation debacle.

Remember Ian Dowie being brought in to save Hull? A lot of good that did, not to mention their precarious financial position.

Why don’t Vencky’s go the whole hog and offer chief / executive / director of football, chairman or whatever to Peter Risdle late of Leeds Utd and Cardiff, he is looking for a job. Risdale managed to take Leeds into oblivion and almost bankrupted Cardiff City, sounds about right for Mrs Desai and her motley crew.

Williams and Finn must be having a right “chuckle” !




P.S.  Reg says, “give the job to press officer Paul Agnew or P.A. Lynsay Talbot, at least they love the Rovers”

Clueless and out of his depth

Steve kean


My objection to the inadequate Steve Kean being manager of Blackburn Rovers is well documented.

To compound matters he has this week added unbelievable pressure on himself by giving and un-creditable interview to Sky Sports.

According to Kean “Rovers will finish in the top half of the premiership and be challenging for a European championship league place, they will also win trophies 100% guaranteed”. His words not mine. As they say in Lancashire and “Pigs Might Fly”

P.S. Did no one at Blackburn Rovers realise the value of 19 year old Phil Jones, I could have told them he is worth 25 million of anyone’s money. I do not think many people realise just how good he is and how good he will become. Man Utd have a real bargain, Good luck  to you lad.