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Amazing Statement

Rover’s joint owner Ventkatesh Rao is on record, during the Asia Cup tournament, as saying “Steve Kean is their manager for good” his words exactly.

Never in the history of football has a manager had such an endorsement, not even the greats of the game, Ferguson, Dalglish, Clough, Paisley, etc. I could go on and on, it is an amazing statement, I can only think it got lost in translation, if not, it only serves to emphasise how naïve the Rovers owners are.


Jerome Anderson Departs!

According to press reports Venky’s have dispersed with the services of Jerome Anderson and his Kentaro agency, having paid him a small fortune to advise them to sack Sam Allardyce !, I told them back in December 2010 to get rid of Anderson,(see my website).

It now begs the question what does Steve Kean do with Anderson’s son Myles, the Leyton Orient and Aberdeen reject he gave a two year contract to, and we all thought money was tight!

Surely Kean is next for the chopping block.

Only problem is what manager anywhere will want to work for the Venky’s? Probably none, keeping Kean in a job, unfortunately.

Tony Parkes would make a better fist of things.


Fiasco At The Bank

I do not like to say I told you so, but “I told you so”

Reg has been heavily criticised by some Rovers supporters for my opposition to the Venky’s takeover of the Blackburn Rovers and the way they have gone about running this famous club. On the other hand some supporters have agreed with my views, we are all entitled to our opinions, even the infamous Roa family can’t stop that.

Their catalogue of errors is well documented on my website. The latest fiasco is the situation with the bank, according to national press reports, having withdrawn overdraft facilities. This news, yet to be confirmed by Venky’s, really is not a surprise.

Banks have to have confidence in their customers, as we all know.

Take A Tip From Lord Sugar


Lord Alan Sugar of The Apprentice Fame and worth over one million pounds sterling was once owner/chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs for over six years.

In a recent TV documentary looking back to his time at Spur’s he described it as “the biggest waste of time in his life”.

Please. No More Embarrassment


According to press reports Ventkatesh Rao is trying to lure the Spanish legend “Raul” to Ewood Park.

Raul joins a distinguished list of possible Rovers signings which includes, Maradona, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Van Nistelrooy,  Pavone, Nicklas Bendtner and so on.

Obviously the Indian owners must think all Lancashire folk are thick.

Why do they “feed the press” such garbage, they really are taking us all for fools.

Then worst still they get Steve Kean to speak to the media reinforcing their ridiculous propaganda.

I do not now believe one word they utter, they are either liars or “living in cloud cuckoo land”, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and settle for “Cloud Cuckoo Land”