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Accountants Take Over

Following the sackings of chairman John Williams and chief Executive Tom Finn, both excellent football administrators, Venky’s have recruited the help of London based, yes London based financial expert Tony Brown. Having dispensed with Londoner Jerome Anderson, Rovers have appointed another London firm, this time accountants to run the club, given what has gone on since the takeover, sounds about right!

P.S. what did one of my critics say about my website being “London Gutter Press” Londoners my friend! They are running the Rovers and along with the owners being 5,000 mile away that is the problem.

I only highlight the problem not create them.


Rovers Humilation

Anyone seen the cheap and tacky advert for Venky’s chicken being shown on India TV (featured on Sky sports) featuring the Rovers players?

My question is …? Would Jack Walker have used Alan Shearer and Co in similar fashion to promote Walker Steel, Jersey Airlines or one of his many business interest? The answer is a resounding NO!

How much more humiliation can the Venky Group heap on this once famous and proud club?

Rename Ewood Park Venky’s Stadium? Persish the thought


How Good Is Phil Jones

Livings around me are quite a good number of Man Utd fans, “they get where damp can’t get”!

The burning question I have been asked these past few weeks is who is Phil Jones and why has Fergie paid 16 million for someone we know nothing about?

Walker Trust Be Warned

According to national press reports, former Birmingham City owners David Gould and David Sullivan are under pressure from Birmingham’s supporters for selling the club to Carson Yeung, a Chinese business man has now had all his assets frozen and faces bankruptcy in the face of massive debts.

A vicious “Twitter” campaign has started against the former owners Gould and Sullivan, Birmingham fans are not happy that they sold their club to an “Unsuitable Person”. Does this remind you of anything? Club badly run and no money!

I would think the Walker family are pretty concerned or maybe not!

I know what Jack Walker would think, he wouldn’t be to impressed!


Broken Promises

A list of all the signings we were to make following the Venky takeover is very impressive. Ronaldinho, Beckham, Adebayor, Bentner, Pavone, Van Nistleroy to mention but a few. Names all from the mouths of the Rao Brothers and Steve Kean.

And what do we get, Dundee Utd striker from the Scottish Premier League financed by the sale of Nikola Kalinic, you just could not make it up! Please please no more stupid promises that you cannot keep, stop taking the Rovers supporters for idiots.