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Big Sam Speaks Out

On the eve of a new season, Sam Allardyce has broken his silence over his sensational and highly controversial sacking by Blackburn Rover’s on 13th December last year.

Reg Accused

Amongst the thousands of followers to the Reg Website, I have a large proportion of critics who do not agree with my extreme views since the takeover of Blackburn Rover’s by the Venky group, on the other hand a large proportion agree with the majority of my views.

This is good, I have achieved what I set out to do and that is create debate and passion about the “New” Blackburn Rover’s Regime.


Challenge to Kean From Reg

Steve Kean just does not help himself does he?

He has been at it again, employing mouth before engaging brain. His latest words of wisdom are “champions league football In 3 years and a top 10 premiership finish season”

I myself personally would be quite happy and relieved, not to say amazed, at finishing out of the bottom five, however to cut to the chase.

Reg has received some criticism at my objections to Kean being manager of Blackburn Rovers; suffice to say I have also received lots of support for my views.

With a new season upon us I am now prepared to make the offer.

Another Bites The Dust


The cull of Blackburn Rovers excellent administration staff continues.

The latest victim is long serving financial director and company secretary Martin Goodman.

Goodman has followed ex-chairman John Williams and chief executive Tom Finn through the Ewood Park exit, with the Rao’s running affairs within their family.

Accountants Take Over

Following the sackings of chairman John Williams and chief Executive Tom Finn, both excellent football administrators, Venky’s have recruited the help of London based, yes London based financial expert Tony Brown. Having dispensed with Londoner Jerome Anderson, Rovers have appointed another London firm, this time accountants to run the club, given what has gone on since the takeover, sounds about right!

P.S. what did one of my critics say about my website being “London Gutter Press” Londoners my friend! They are running the Rovers and along with the owners being 5,000 mile away that is the problem.

I only highlight the problem not create them.