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As rovers sink further into the abyss under Owen Coyle (pic above).  Here are some thoughts I posted on a Rovers forum back in November 2016.
Was I right or wrong ?. Events since suggest I was right.

Owen Coyle has now had 16 league games in charge. The same number as Gary Bowyer was given by the owners last season. So i now presume that is the benchmark given by Suhail Pasha, advisor to the owners, when assessing the managers performance in the first third of the season. Might sound a tad harsh, but it is more than some managers get, such is the world of football now.

The question now being, why is Coyle still here ? It can not be to stabilise the club, his continued presence is de stabilising the club, as supporters grow more and more frustrated. Bowyer stabilisd the club over two and a half years, so any pretence of stability fly's out of the window. To compound the issue, Bowyer had a much better record than Coyle over those 16 games.

More points, less defeats, less goals conceded, better goal difference, higher league placing, and not in the bottom 3. The only area Coyle betters Bowyer is one more goal scored. And have to mention, the home attendances were averaging over 3,000 higher under Bowyer.

So why is Coyle still here ? Could it be, as rumour has it on this form, he is connected to Anderson/Kentaro agency, who is rumoured still to have a influence in matters at Ewood Park ? There are even rumours on twitter that Pasha is connected to Kentaro/SEM. Something is strange, it does not quite add up or make sense.

Bowyers record 2015. P.16 W.3 L.5 D.8 F.15 A.15 GD.0 PTS 17 POS. 16th.

Coyles record 2016. P16 W. 3 L.9 D.4 F.16 A.25 GD.-9 PTS 13 POS 23rd.

How and why is Coyle still here ?

Originally Posted 11th November  2016



November 8th 2016. Exactly one year since Gary Bowyer was sacked.

What have we achieved ? Are we in a better position ? Is the club more stable ? Are the supporters any happier ? Have attendances increased Are we any nearer getting back into the Premiership ? Do we play better football ? Have we a better manager of repute ? Is Ewood a happier place to be ?

The answer to all that is a big fat NO. So what was the point ?
Bowyer Bashers, explain please !


Originally Posted 11th November  2016



A FILMMAKER is planning to make a second documentary about Blackburn Rovers and the club’s owners Venky’s.
Four years ago Rovers supporter Rishi Sikka (PIC ABOVE) produced, ‘Venky’s – The Fall of Blackburn Rovers’, which has attracted more than 80,000 views on YouTube.
Now, with Rovers currently bottom of the Championship table and more than £100m in debt, and with the club’s main supporters’ groups calling for the owners to sell up, Rishi is ready to film a follow up.
He said: “The idea is to follow five supporters to India in an effort to communicate with Venky’s in their own country. We are trying to get an ex-footballer involved as well.
“People may say, ‘they are never going to be able to speak to them’. But that’s what it could be all about – how hard it is to communicate with the football club’s owners. So much so that they have had to go all the way to India to try to do so.
“We will follow those fans around and have cutaways of interviews with people about what has happened and is happening at the club.
“When I put out the first documentary I think it was a really hard time for Rovers supporters. People thought it was about Steve Kean.
“But now people are seeing it is more than that. People like Stan Collymore and Robbie Savage are coming out and supporting the fans and being positive about the fans whereas before they were being viewed negatively.”
Rishi estimates the minimum base target needed to start the filming of the sequel is £5,000.
A Crowdfunder page – – has been set up to invite Rovers fans to contribute toward the cost.
Rishi is determined to get the film funded by whatever means necessary.
But he added: “It would be good for the fans to own something like this, to own the production, because this is about their football club.”



Rovers will not sack Owen Coyle after 7 games. Why should they ? But they will sack him after 16 games. Why ? Because that is the benchmark they have set. They surprisingly sacked Bowyer after 16 games last season . Bowyer had 17 points from 16 games. We were in 16th position, 5 places above the relegation zone . We had scored 15 goals and conceded 15 goals. Sounds like eutopia by today's standards. So if after 16 games Coyle has an equivalent or worse record he will be sacked. Stands to sense, because that is the president set by the owners. Failure to sack Coyle, should he fall short, will be seen as hypocrytical by the fans and a case of wrongful dismissal by Bowyers lawyers who would have a field day, especially as Bowyer was working under FFP restrictions and a transfer embargo. Coyle has not had those restrictions imposed on him. As a matter of interest, after 7 games last season, we had 4 points and were in 23rd position. One place higher and 2 points more. So not a lot of differance, but we had conceded 9 goals and scored 6, compared to conceded 15 and scored 6 this time round. Make no mistake, Coyle's target to survive is 18 points from 16 games. We shall see !

Coyle's Budget Myth

It is a myth perpetrated by Coyle that his squad has been put together on a tiny budget. True, there has been no capital investment, which is a disgrace, but the squad has not come cheap. Rovers have splashed some cash. Graham, Stokes, Mulgrew , although free agents, will have come on hefty signing on fees, as will probably others. The wages for the mentioned 3 will not have been cheap either. Otherwise they would not be here. Agents fees for all 12 new signings also have to be taken into account. Then there are the loan fees that will have been paid to Southampton , Swansea and possibly West Ham. You do not get anything for free in football. For Coyle to peddle the myth that his budget is last than last year's is plainly wrong. This time last year Bowyer was working under strict FFP restrictions and a transfer embargo. He could not pay signing on fees if he wanted to, he could not pay loan fees, he could not pay any new signing in excess of of £10,000 pw. Coyle has not had any of theses restrictions imposed on him. And apart from capital not being made for 'signings , the club have backed him. Coyle knew the situation when he took the job when others would'nt, that is why he was appointed, not because he was the " outstanding candidate ". A quote that will haunt the hapless Mike Cheston forever.
Another myth doing the rounds on this forum is that the new signings " signed for Coyle after speaking to him " !  That is what players say once the terms are good, believe me iv'e been there.



To concede a goal in the 88th minute at home , to deny yourself 2 valuable points, as we did v Burton, is unfortunate. To then concede a goal in the 94th minute at home v Fulham to deny yourself a point , is at the best, careless. To then concede a goal v Leeds, in the 85th minute, to deny yourself an away point is downright incompetence.
I will not even mention Crewe's 94th minute equaliser, don't go there !