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There are some who fail to grasp the importance of a good football manager to a team of young men.
The manager is all important. He makes the difference.
You can have a team of good players with a bad manager and will not suceed.
You can have a team of average players with a good manager and you will do ok.
If you have both bad players and a poor manager you are doomed.
If you have both good players and good manager, Bingo !
Relate it to the workplace. All of us at some time have worked under a poor, inept boss. Be it a manager, foreman, supervisor or proprietor. Someone in a job they just have not got the capability to do.
What happens? Our work eventually suffers. We are not motivated, we have no enthusiasm, we get dispirited.
We do not look forward in going to work, and eventually may leave.
Unless our 'boss gets replaced by someone better at the job, we then become refreshed, motivated, enthusiastic, with a new spring in our step.
And so it is with football players and their managers.
That is why Coyle has to go. To give these players a chance to enjoy performing. To give us the fans a chance to once again enjoy watching our team. To give our club a chance of survival.
Bowyer showed what could be done with players of limited ability. We over performed.
He got the best out of a average bunch of journeymen and bargain buys.
When all said and done Lambert didn’t, and some have failed to live up to expectation's elsewhere without Bowyer.
Gone well since sacking Bowyer, hasn’t it !
But we are where we are. In big trouble.
We need a new manager, to make the difference.

With acknowledgement to Brockhall Bill L.T, Rovers forum.




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On Thursday 9th February Barrow AFC, of the National League, released Myles Anderson.
Remember him ? The son of agent and Venky;s advisor Jerome ( the man who ruined Backburn Rovers) Anderson (pic above).
Myles , who joined Barrow in August 16, made just one appearance and was unused sub on 15 occasions. The latest flop in a long line of clubs.
Kean / Anderson gave this lad a 3 year Premiership contract in 2011, along with a squad number 34. He never kicked a ball for Rovers. Except on one occasion in a pre-season tournament in Hong Kong, coming on as sub.
As anyone at Brockhall would tell you, Myles could just not play football.
On signing him, Kean hailed him as the next Chris Smalling.
His father Jerome, broke down in tears in that infamous Sky TV interview, because of, so called abuse his son was getting from Rovers fans. We never got the right of reply.
How does Myles get clubs like Barrow ? National League is a good standard, as Lincoln and Sutton have shown us in the FA Cup.
His father pulling in favours probably, Myles is now off to Torquay.
The reason i raise this issue is to give an example how Anderson plunged this club into £100m of debt.
His son was allegedly on a 3 year contract at a reported £30k per week, and he could not play football.
Anderson wreaked havoc with our money in his 2 year spell at our club, Nov'2010 till Nov 2012 approx., we don’t know how long his involvement was for sure.
Add all the others to the mix , Murphy, Best, etc etc and you can realise why Rovers survival is on the brink.
Venky's should sue the ass of Anderson/SEM Kentaro.



OWENCOYLE.jpg - 8.67 kb



ONCE more Owen Coyle has as good as admitted that he has no real faith in his players by settling for a home point against a mediocre Birmingham City side who have not won since early December.
His quote that the point will be important come the end of the season is a tacit admission that his sole aim is to finish in 21st position in the Championship and nothing more.
The bizarre decision to play Darragh Lenihan at right-back instead of the far more suitable Ryan Nyambe, and the pointless late substitutions once more points to Coyle and his sidekick Sandy Stewart being to basic decision-making what Laurel and Hardy were to piano removals.
The game would have been comfortably won if the management could get the 10 to 15 per cent more out of players that half-decent managers earn their corn by doing.
Throw on a wildcard like Connor Mahoney, unleash the Burnley-slayer Anthony Stokes, someone Birmingham haven’t had ‘scouted’ for the past month or so.
It all smacked of settling for a point and since Birmingham also settled for the draw it meant the entertainment value of the last 20 minutes was nil.
We may not pay the extortionate prices some clubs demand, but we don’t sit in the cold to watch a damp squib.
Having equalised just before half-time you would have expected Rovers to have come out for the second period growling.
Instead, Coyle and Stewart appeared to suck all the life out of them and they restarted as weakly as they had started the game.
The silence regarding incoming players speaks volumes and it seems as if we will have to face the last 19 games with a squad most of whom are either injury-prone, too ‘young’ for Coyle to consider or disinterested.
It is already evident that we will not go down fighting. We won’t suddenly ‘turn a comer’ just by sheer luck.
Coyle is happy to pick up a point at home, lose away and make excuses that we have all heard too many times.
We need the man in charge to TAKE charge and get more from the players that he has so far.


With acknowledgement to Simon Smith L.T.

Rovers supporters comments from LT forum.


Absolutely right, Coyle did all but wave a white flag from the dug out.


How on earth is this guy still in a job.


Having mediocre owners ,manager and players will have one outcome relegation . I really hope Gary bowyer seals Coyles fate on Saturday and gets him sacked . Under this clown we are doomed. Does anybody know anything about the Bob McNair rumours ? Really hope they are true.

Brockhall Bill

Agee with every word Simon.
Birmingham were indeed there for the taking, but Rovers never looked like doing it. Not helped by conceding a 2nd minute penalty , hasten to add.
Coyle will take us down. It as all been said time and again on this forum.
I agree with you, the man is inept in all things ' football management. '
Why the club persist with him is the mystry of this football season. No one can believe it, in the world of football.
To think we disposed of Gary Bowyer.
Beggers Belief !




Gary Bowyer



GARY Bowyer insists he reflects on his time at Blackburn Rovers with great pride ahead of his first return to Ewood Park since being sacked 14 months ago.
Bowyer spent nearly 12 years at the club, including two-and-a-half as first-team boss, before being sacked in November 2015 with Rovers 16th in the Championship.
He returns to Ewood as manager of League Two side Blackpool in the FA Cup fourth round on Saturday.
And Bowyer, who led the club to eighth and ninth placed finishes in his two full seasons in charge, as well as guiding Rovers to safety in 2012/13, said he looks back at a ‘wonderful time’ at the club. “It will be my first time back at all,” Bowyer told the Lancashire Telegraph.
“I have not been to a game, or set foot in the building since I was sacked after going three games unbeaten and having lost two games out of 10.
“But I spent 11-and-a-half wonderful years there working with the youth team, and seeing the likes of Phil Jones, Grant Hanley and Jason Lowe progress through to the first-team and become first-team players in the Premier League, that gave me an enormous sense of pride “That was the same when I was fortunate enough to be reserve team coach and when I was given the chance to be caretaker.
“Me and the staff helped keep them up that year, having been in the bottom three at one stage, and that would have been back-to-back relegations had that been the case.
“I also had enormous pride when I was asked to take charge of the first-team because it is such a wonderful club, full of great history and tradition.
“I was very grateful for the opportunity to be the first-team manager of such a fantastic football club.”
Bowyer admits he was “disappointed” to lose his job at Ewood but was grateful for the reception he received in a pre-season friendly between the two sides at Bloomfield Road in July.
He added: “It will be good to go back and say thank you to the fans.
“I was able to thank the fans that came for the pre-season friendly as I got a wonderful reception from the fans who came.
“It was very much appreciated by myself and my family who were in the stands.
“It was quite emotional and I did not think that I would get that.
“So I am looking forward to going back there. I still have a lot of friends at the club who I still speak to on a regular basis.
“But once the whistle goes it will all be professional, it won’t be about Gary Bowyer, it will be about Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool.
“We will have an excellent travelling faithful, we have more than 1,000 fans making the journey who will be cheering us on, and we know that we will have to be right at it.”
Blackpool, 13th in League Two, go in to the game as underdogs, sitting 38 places below Rovers in the Football League pyramid.
But after knocking out Championship side Barnsley in the last round after a replay, Bowyer insists there is a belief that they can pull off another upset.
“Realistically, outside of our dressing room everyone will expect Blackburn Rovers to go through,” he added.
“But it will be up to us to go there and have a real good go.
“The message will be the same, to test themselves against a Championship side and see how good they are.”

With acknowledgement to Rich Sharpe LT

Comments from Rovers fans on LT forum.


I hope that you get a good reception back here Gary, and please don't fall off your seat laughing at us....


You are always welcome back to Ewood with open arms, Gary as you have done a tremendous job at Rovers under difficult circumstances and not to mention, proven to be a far much better Manager than that clown Owen! Still cannot fathom why OC has not been sacked when Rovers are second from bottom and you were sacked when Rovers were in 16th place.
I hope to see you before or after the match to say "hello".


Thanks for all the good work you did for us when we were in desperate straights Garry, talk about platting sawdust on a windy day.
I firmly believe that if it hadn't been for you the club wouldn't be here now, really is that simple.
I'm sure you will get a great reception from all Rover's fans but seeing they have closed the Riverside you will have to come out onto the pitch so we denizens of the Jack Walker can see you!
Then like you say it's down to business and game on.

Reg Rover

Agree with every word BJ.
Monumental mistake sacking Bowyer. The club is now reaping the consequences for it's stupidity.
When Bowyer was sacked on the 5th November 2016, i said the club would go into free fall, and so it has.
We did not have the infrastructure to support a manager with Lambert's ambitions, not Lambert;s fault. But he should have realised it.
Bowyer was at the club 12 years, he understood it. He knew were Anderson and Kean had 'hid the bodies'. He worked with Allardyce and Williams, and before that with Ince and Souness.
He knew the club inside out.
He progressed from Youth to first team manager, and he was proud of it. He was one of us.
Bowyer was building towards a seriously good side, he gave the club the stability it now craves, then had the rug pulled from under him. Disgraceful.
Venky's and the fans got lucky with Bowyer. A unlikely escape from relegation 2012/13, then two top ten finishes. He built a team with bargain basement buys. He turned players bought on the cheap into million of £'s players.
Venky's thought the job was easy, "if Bowyer can do it some else will be able to do it better ". How wrong they were !
When Bowyer was sacked, he had suffered his first blip, we were 16th in the league, 4 points clear of the bottom 3 and recovering nicely, after just 16 games played.
At no stage this season has Coyle's record even matched those 16 games.
Fifteen months on are Rovers any better off for the sacking of Bowyer ?
I would suggest it has put us back almost 4 years to the relegation scap in 2012/13.
In football be very careful what you wish for !

Brockhall Bill Replying Reg Rover 

Good post. But what about the 12 months Bowyer worked miracles under stringent FFP rules and a transfer embargo ?
January 2015 until November 2015. The embargo was lifted January 2016, only after Bowyer/ Shaw's efforts to sell players and reduce the wages. Lambert reaped the benefits.
Bowyer kept us competitive and in the Championship.
Out standing achievment.
Coyle comes no where near Bowyer's expertise and man management skills.

Ewood Eddie 

Never mind protest against the owners, the only banners visable at Ewood on Saturday should be, BRING BACK BOWYER. / GARY COME BACK. Going to make mine now !

Brockhall Bill Replying Ewood Eddie

Making mine tonight. How about.
A double whammy.
Just need a 2o ft banner and a plane to fly it over Ewood !



You can build from mid table mediocrity Bill, it takes patience and time but when you have a manager who cares about and understands the club in charge it can be done.
Bowyer came through the ranks at the club, Lambert and Coyle are like the majority of other managers, mercenaries with a job.








allardyce.jpg - 24.44 kb



The suggestion that Sam Allardyce might be charged, and banned, by the Football Association for openly discussing ways to circumnavigate the rules on third-party ownership, appears to have more to do with his employers seeking to vindicate their decision than any major transgression. Allardyce was an ungrateful and grasping employee, and his standing was undoubtedly damaged, but the FA must now suspect that, had they held their nerve, he could still have been in a job. So they need to play up his crime — make it seem more serious than it truly was.

The biggest scandal over third-party ownership concerned West Ham and Carlos Tevez, a transfer that took place in 2006. When did the FA get around to outlawing the practice? 2009. And FIFA? 2015. As Allardyce said, there is a way around it — and it starts at the top.

Faced with a third-party contract, the Premier League deploy lawyers to walk the club through the offending clauses, and remove them. To fully comply, they must then buy out the third-party owners, too.

Allardyce told Telegraph journalists, posing as investors: ‘You can still get round it. You get a percentage of the player’s agent’s fee that the agent pays to you, the company. You’re not getting a part of the transfer fee any more, because you can’t do that. But because of the size of the contracts now, the contract will be worth £30m, £40m, and you’ve done a deal with the agent where you’re getting five per cent of the agent’s fee, which is massive for about two hours’ work.’ So that’s pretty much the same as the Premier League’s guidance. You can’t have third-party ownership clauses, and you can’t have influence and you can’t claim the transfer fee — but you can be compensated, although the player will no longer be your property. And the FA want to ban Allardyce? If he was a lawyer, he would charge £1,000 an hour.