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Have come to the conclusion that the best way to defeat Venky's is to get down to Ewood Park in our thousands like we did on Sunday.
Venky's do not like that, it is the last thing they want to happen, a show of strength and solidarity.
Why, because that is what Talksport revealed on the Jim White (pic above) programme on Friday. An hour long discussion on all things Rovers.
I know many listened to it , some have knocked it. Why ?
We have complained long and hard at no National coverage to our plight, when we get it we knock it. Unbelievable.
However, the programme was excellent, with White promising to talk to one of the Rao family of owners. Good luck with that Jim.
White says he will persevere and have the interview this Friday'
'Not holding my breath'!
However, Talksports research has led them to rech the conclusion that Venky's want less and less fans attending games, to support their eventual application for a change of use of Ewood Park.
Scarey ! Venky's they say, are planning to wind up the club putting it into extinction , selling off all assets including the ground in a fire sale'.
That they say, is the only conclusion to explain their erratic and unreasonable behaviour.
Only the fans can save the club by showing Blackburn needs and supports it's community asset.
It was even said that Owen Coyle had been deliberately brought in to antagonise and irritate Rovers fans. Driving a further wedge between Venky's and fans.
All deliberate.

Why how , asked Talksport panel of pundits did Coyle get the job otherwise.
A failed manager at his previous 3 clubs , terrible CV , not a hope of getting a Championship job and he gets the Rovers job ! Does not make sense.
But it does when you know the motive, Run the club into the ground, alienate the fans, wind it up , sell up. No fuss, done and dusted.
Venky's needed Coyle to fail . He has done. He has had no support no financial help . He has sunk as planned.
The very last thing the owners want is to avoid relegation. That would be the clincher in the grand scheme of things.
For the first time ever, Jreome Anderson/Kentaro SEM involvment was mentioned on national Radio. He had been complicit in Rovers demise, a smoking gun, the elephant in the room. Probably acted illegally . As a registered agent can not have a confict of interest .
In conjunction with Kean , allegedly , bled the nieve Venky's dry.
Now Venky's want out, the easy way. No messy sale to another owner. That will cost them dear. Extinguish the club, sell up lock stock and barrel, including Ewood.
The fans staying away are helping to achieve that dastardly plan.
That is why Coyle is here, that is why no investment in the team, and that is why Senior is here to impliment it.
We must not let it happen. We fell for the con once with Anderson.
We have to fill EWood theses next 7 home games to support the team and thwart Venky's putting our 143 year old club. one of the founder members of the football league into extinction.
This Friday's Talksport Jim White should be interesting.
Will he have spoken to Venky's as promised ?
In the meantime. LT get your finger out. !


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Very Good article from Daily Mail,
Dire Venky's (PIC ABOVE) running Blackburn into the ground as owners are accused of 'allowing people to come in and play Championship Manager'
On a day when the potential of Blackburn Rovers was clearly evident, the owners of this once proud club will have been awash with regret while watching in India.
A very strong performance indeed, taking the lead against Manchester United via a well-crafted early goal. A stronger attendance, over 23,000, than Ewood Park has seen for a long time, too.
This tie provided respite from turmoil and a relegation battle — a show of what is possible and the sort of day their supporters should be enjoying regularly. 'I thought the fans were outstanding,' Owen Coyle said. 'They backed the players endlessly and they responded to that. Hopefully we can get that sort of atmosphere again.'
Sadly, they will not. This was for Manchester United's eyes only. For the silent Venky's - who have not attended a match since September 2014 - it should serve to indicate the horrible mess they have manufactured. These days are not coming back anytime soon.
They once boasted about trying to sign Ronaldinho. Now they can't even sign Giles Barnes, Owen Coyle failing to land the former Derby winger on a free last month. A sign of the tightening of belts by owners who pulled the funding plug 18 months ago.
Sportsmail has been told how Venky's ploughed £30million into Rovers every season after Premier League relegation in the blind hope they would again reach the promised land. But that all changed last season, with the budget slashed by 80 per cent and the club largely reliant on a £5m pay-out by the Football League to clubs in the Championship. That happened overnight and Rovers have floundered ever since.
Key players were sold without the knowledge of staff, with decisions made in India via a string of advisers.
'They've allowed people to come in and play Championship Manager,' one source said. That the former hapless global adviser Shebby Singh tried to sign Marouane Chamakh when he was still fighting for a spot at Arsenal is testament to that.
Suhail Pasha is the latest who, alongside 'football director' Paul Senior, refuses to communicate with fans.
Although, in fairness, he barely tells club employees either, with ex-managing director Derek Shaw left to sack Gary Bowyer after having no involvement in the decision-making process. Rovers were mid-table then.
Look at them now, the former Premier League champions staring at relegation down to the third tier. What are Venky's getting out of this? Crippling debt and an image damaged beyond repair.

With acknowledgement to the Daily Mail 20th February 2017.


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There are some who fail to grasp the importance of a good football manager to a team of young men.
The manager is all important. He makes the difference.
You can have a team of good players with a bad manager and will not suceed.
You can have a team of average players with a good manager and you will do ok.
If you have both bad players and a poor manager you are doomed.
If you have both good players and good manager, Bingo !
Relate it to the workplace. All of us at some time have worked under a poor, inept boss. Be it a manager, foreman, supervisor or proprietor. Someone in a job they just have not got the capability to do.
What happens? Our work eventually suffers. We are not motivated, we have no enthusiasm, we get dispirited.
We do not look forward in going to work, and eventually may leave.
Unless our 'boss gets replaced by someone better at the job, we then become refreshed, motivated, enthusiastic, with a new spring in our step.
And so it is with football players and their managers.
That is why Coyle has to go. To give these players a chance to enjoy performing. To give us the fans a chance to once again enjoy watching our team. To give our club a chance of survival.
Bowyer showed what could be done with players of limited ability. We over performed.
He got the best out of a average bunch of journeymen and bargain buys.
When all said and done Lambert didn’t, and some have failed to live up to expectation's elsewhere without Bowyer.
Gone well since sacking Bowyer, hasn’t it !
But we are where we are. In big trouble.
We need a new manager, to make the difference.

With acknowledgement to Brockhall Bill L.T, Rovers forum.




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Coyle isn't a good manager, that’s a given, I don't know one single fan who understands why he was taken on, or actually wanted him here in the first place but he's what we ended up with for whatever unfathomable reason.

Because of the state of the club and the joke of a squad he inherited some of us decided to give him a chance, many more didn't.
A more football astute Board or even owners should have realised early on that the negativity surrounding the club would be inflamed by his appointment, but that realisation didn't occur, so they blundered on unknowingly and unthinkingly as usual, and that leads us to where we are now.
Distant (in more ways than one) owners, a Board of Directors that has little or no understanding of what it's like to be a real football fan, a manager the majority of fans hate with a vengeance and a terminally divided fan base.
None of the above have the ability to communicate with each other in a civilised manner, those that attempt to do so are shouted down and abused at every turn.
And that isn't only the clubs fault, whether you like it or not some fans have contributed significantly to that current state of affairs and anyone who believes otherwise totally lacks any understanding of the situation whatsoever.
How many of you guys, so busy running on your own personal hamster wheel that keeps all your frustration and bile charged to the full have noticed that there is an upcoming AGM of The Rovers Trust in which;
"Three of the co-founders of the Rovers Trust – chairman Wayne Wild, treasurer Dan Grabko and communications officer Neil Thornton – have announced they will not be standing for re-election and their roles will become vacant."
I received the e mail on the 10th February and was waiting to see if anyone else picked up on it, even the LT have failed to do so.
Reading between the lines these guys are as cheesed off as the rest of us but have basically become fed up of bashing their heads against a brick wall from both sides.
They started with all the best intentions and they deserve real credit for that, but they have been unable to do the one key thing that could have helped, get the fans working together as a single entity.
So it's a chance for someone else to have a go?
Any takers?


With acknowledgement to Beetlejuice. Lancashire Telegraph, Rovers Forum.

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On Thursday 9th February Barrow AFC, of the National League, released Myles Anderson.
Remember him ? The son of agent and Venky;s advisor Jerome ( the man who ruined Backburn Rovers) Anderson (pic above).
Myles , who joined Barrow in August 16, made just one appearance and was unused sub on 15 occasions. The latest flop in a long line of clubs.
Kean / Anderson gave this lad a 3 year Premiership contract in 2011, along with a squad number 34. He never kicked a ball for Rovers. Except on one occasion in a pre-season tournament in Hong Kong, coming on as sub.
As anyone at Brockhall would tell you, Myles could just not play football.
On signing him, Kean hailed him as the next Chris Smalling.
His father Jerome, broke down in tears in that infamous Sky TV interview, because of, so called abuse his son was getting from Rovers fans. We never got the right of reply.
How does Myles get clubs like Barrow ? National League is a good standard, as Lincoln and Sutton have shown us in the FA Cup.
His father pulling in favours probably, Myles is now off to Torquay.
The reason i raise this issue is to give an example how Anderson plunged this club into £100m of debt.
His son was allegedly on a 3 year contract at a reported £30k per week, and he could not play football.
Anderson wreaked havoc with our money in his 2 year spell at our club, Nov'2010 till Nov 2012 approx., we don’t know how long his involvement was for sure.
Add all the others to the mix , Murphy, Best, etc etc and you can realise why Rovers survival is on the brink.
Venky's should sue the ass of Anderson/SEM Kentaro.