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It has got to said, then put to bed. Gary Bowyer has worked a miracle at Blackpool. The man is a genius. How the Rovers heirarchy must be regretting that crazy sacking on 5th November 2015. Nothing has gone right at Ewood since that fateful day. Who would have thought we would have slipped into Div One just 18 months and 76 games later. A result of sacking Bowyer and completely destabalising , club , players , coaching staff and fans. A stabalised club with a happy playing and coaching staff was ripped apart, and for what ? To bring in two desruptive managers, one also inept at his job , that lay the foundations for our demise to the 3rd tier of English Football. All this after Bowyer had finishes of 7th and 9th, then worked for 12 months under a transfer embargo and severe FFP restrictions , whilst keeping the club stable and out of relegation trouble . Then we sacked him , you could not make it up. Bowyer joined Blackpool last June. Just relegated, no team , no money , no fans and owners worst than the Venky's. At least Venky;s let us 'slag them off' without taking us to court. Bowyer has really performed the impossible at Bloomfield Road, the pundits had Blackpool for certain relegation to Non League. Now they are playing in the same Division as Rovers, thanks to Bowyer. Bowyer will probably be back in the Championship before Rovers. But not with Blackpool, someone will snap him up. Someone with an eye for a good manager, unlike Sunil Pasha and our owners. The ' Bowyer Bashers' have been made to eat their words, no way did they envisage Div One on the 5th November 2015, as they applauded the demise of Bowyer and the appointment of Lambert. They say Bowyer should have done better ! Really ! The truth of the matter is that Bowyer massivley over achieved at Rovers, with a squad he put together with bargain basement and astute signings. Some of thoes players have failed to flourish without Bowyer. Non more so than Rhodes and Gestede. Both have had two big money moves since leaving Rovers. Both have lost their goal scoring mojo. Under Bowyer they flourished, that is the mark of a top manager. Gives no pleasure in saying "told you so", when Bowyer was sacked , but "told you so". Disaster to follow i predicted, disaster we got .



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