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Coyle, his agent and how he got the Rovers job


Whilst delighted Tony Mowbray is staying at Rovers , there is still one cloud on the horizon, and that is can he trust the owners ? I say that not just on our past expiriances, when personal have departed quickly and without explanation. Bowyer, Lambert, Shaw, Myers, Senior, to name but a few. But on the revelations of how Coyle was appointed last June. A prominent media outlet has revealed that in late May , Mike Cheston offered the Rovers job to Neil Warnock, who accepted and they shook hands on it. Cheston was to depart o holiday , so it was agreed to make the announcement on his return and formalise the contract. In the mean time enter Dave Sheron, football agent, agent to Owen Coyle and associate of Jerome Anderson and ex SEM employee. Sheron contacted Balaji, on behalf of his client Coyle who had just been sacked by Houston in the NFL. Sheron, who had dealings with Venky's in the past, talked Balaji into giving the Rovers job to Coyle. ChestoN had to make a massive U turn. Prompting Warnock to make that infamous comment that he had been talking to a club "that did not know what they were doing ". Cheston was ordered to issue that equally infamous statement , Coyle was the outstanding candidate". A statement that will forever haunt him. Coyle lied to the media and the fans when he said , " i do not have a agent , just a solicitor, and have never heard of SEM." Sheron is in partnership with Jerome Anderson and his wife Lisa Anderson , they are partners in Sports Holdings Ltd, a sports agency. Sheron was also named as a director in the adminintors report regarding Kentaro SEM. So Anderson was by association complicit in the hiring of Coyle. Why would Balaji/Venky's want to get involved with Anderson again ? I am informed that giving Coyle the Rovers job was a favour owed to Sheron by Balaji. So we can rejoice all we want at Mowbray;s appointment and the owners promised backing. But are they to be trusted ? Coyle's appointment is a deciet too far for me by the owners. To be further associated with Anderson ( the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers ) is a real kick in the teeth to the fans. It is all there out on the www, Google it.



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