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News yesterday, that Jerome Anderson's Sport Entertainment @ Media Sports Agency , has been wound up in the High Court , following winding - up petitions from Valencia, Stoke City and Crystal Palace , should bring a warm glow to the heart's of every Rovers FAN.
Anderson finally got his come uppence after legal action by the three clubs for mismanagement and alleged malpractice.
But this begs two questions for Rovers fans.
1) Why were Venky's not involved in the action against Anderson ?
2) Why have the LT not reported any of this High Court action against Jerome(the man who ruined Blackburn Rovers ) Anderson ?
Can only assume the constant changing of Rovers reporter by the LT, leads to a lack of knowledge about the club's past.
Andy Cryer would have been all over this story like a rash.
However, my pursuit and accusations against Anderson over the past 7 years are now fully justified.
The story regarding Anderson's demise , appeared in yesterday's Daily Mail, (27.4.17 ) in Charles Sale Sports Agenda column.


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