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Have come to the conclusion that the best way to defeat Venky's is to get down to Ewood Park in our thousands like we did on Sunday.
Venky's do not like that, it is the last thing they want to happen, a show of strength and solidarity.
Why, because that is what Talksport revealed on the Jim White (pic above) programme on Friday. An hour long discussion on all things Rovers.
I know many listened to it , some have knocked it. Why ?
We have complained long and hard at no National coverage to our plight, when we get it we knock it. Unbelievable.
However, the programme was excellent, with White promising to talk to one of the Rao family of owners. Good luck with that Jim.
White says he will persevere and have the interview this Friday'
'Not holding my breath'!
However, Talksports research has led them to rech the conclusion that Venky's want less and less fans attending games, to support their eventual application for a change of use of Ewood Park.
Scarey ! Venky's they say, are planning to wind up the club putting it into extinction , selling off all assets including the ground in a fire sale'.
That they say, is the only conclusion to explain their erratic and unreasonable behaviour.
Only the fans can save the club by showing Blackburn needs and supports it's community asset.
It was even said that Owen Coyle had been deliberately brought in to antagonise and irritate Rovers fans. Driving a further wedge between Venky's and fans.
All deliberate.

Why how , asked Talksport panel of pundits did Coyle get the job otherwise.
A failed manager at his previous 3 clubs , terrible CV , not a hope of getting a Championship job and he gets the Rovers job ! Does not make sense.
But it does when you know the motive, Run the club into the ground, alienate the fans, wind it up , sell up. No fuss, done and dusted.
Venky's needed Coyle to fail . He has done. He has had no support no financial help . He has sunk as planned.
The very last thing the owners want is to avoid relegation. That would be the clincher in the grand scheme of things.
For the first time ever, Jreome Anderson/Kentaro SEM involvment was mentioned on national Radio. He had been complicit in Rovers demise, a smoking gun, the elephant in the room. Probably acted illegally . As a registered agent can not have a confict of interest .
In conjunction with Kean , allegedly , bled the nieve Venky's dry.
Now Venky's want out, the easy way. No messy sale to another owner. That will cost them dear. Extinguish the club, sell up lock stock and barrel, including Ewood.
The fans staying away are helping to achieve that dastardly plan.
That is why Coyle is here, that is why no investment in the team, and that is why Senior is here to impliment it.
We must not let it happen. We fell for the con once with Anderson.
We have to fill EWood theses next 7 home games to support the team and thwart Venky's putting our 143 year old club. one of the founder members of the football league into extinction.
This Friday's Talksport Jim White should be interesting.
Will he have spoken to Venky's as promised ?
In the meantime. LT get your finger out. !


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