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Very Good article from Daily Mail,
Dire Venky's (PIC ABOVE) running Blackburn into the ground as owners are accused of 'allowing people to come in and play Championship Manager'
On a day when the potential of Blackburn Rovers was clearly evident, the owners of this once proud club will have been awash with regret while watching in India.
A very strong performance indeed, taking the lead against Manchester United via a well-crafted early goal. A stronger attendance, over 23,000, than Ewood Park has seen for a long time, too.
This tie provided respite from turmoil and a relegation battle — a show of what is possible and the sort of day their supporters should be enjoying regularly. 'I thought the fans were outstanding,' Owen Coyle said. 'They backed the players endlessly and they responded to that. Hopefully we can get that sort of atmosphere again.'
Sadly, they will not. This was for Manchester United's eyes only. For the silent Venky's - who have not attended a match since September 2014 - it should serve to indicate the horrible mess they have manufactured. These days are not coming back anytime soon.
They once boasted about trying to sign Ronaldinho. Now they can't even sign Giles Barnes, Owen Coyle failing to land the former Derby winger on a free last month. A sign of the tightening of belts by owners who pulled the funding plug 18 months ago.
Sportsmail has been told how Venky's ploughed £30million into Rovers every season after Premier League relegation in the blind hope they would again reach the promised land. But that all changed last season, with the budget slashed by 80 per cent and the club largely reliant on a £5m pay-out by the Football League to clubs in the Championship. That happened overnight and Rovers have floundered ever since.
Key players were sold without the knowledge of staff, with decisions made in India via a string of advisers.
'They've allowed people to come in and play Championship Manager,' one source said. That the former hapless global adviser Shebby Singh tried to sign Marouane Chamakh when he was still fighting for a spot at Arsenal is testament to that.
Suhail Pasha is the latest who, alongside 'football director' Paul Senior, refuses to communicate with fans.
Although, in fairness, he barely tells club employees either, with ex-managing director Derek Shaw left to sack Gary Bowyer after having no involvement in the decision-making process. Rovers were mid-table then.
Look at them now, the former Premier League champions staring at relegation down to the third tier. What are Venky's getting out of this? Crippling debt and an image damaged beyond repair.

With acknowledgement to the Daily Mail 20th February 2017.


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