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Coyle isn't a good manager, that’s a given, I don't know one single fan who understands why he was taken on, or actually wanted him here in the first place but he's what we ended up with for whatever unfathomable reason.

Because of the state of the club and the joke of a squad he inherited some of us decided to give him a chance, many more didn't.
A more football astute Board or even owners should have realised early on that the negativity surrounding the club would be inflamed by his appointment, but that realisation didn't occur, so they blundered on unknowingly and unthinkingly as usual, and that leads us to where we are now.
Distant (in more ways than one) owners, a Board of Directors that has little or no understanding of what it's like to be a real football fan, a manager the majority of fans hate with a vengeance and a terminally divided fan base.
None of the above have the ability to communicate with each other in a civilised manner, those that attempt to do so are shouted down and abused at every turn.
And that isn't only the clubs fault, whether you like it or not some fans have contributed significantly to that current state of affairs and anyone who believes otherwise totally lacks any understanding of the situation whatsoever.
How many of you guys, so busy running on your own personal hamster wheel that keeps all your frustration and bile charged to the full have noticed that there is an upcoming AGM of The Rovers Trust in which;
"Three of the co-founders of the Rovers Trust – chairman Wayne Wild, treasurer Dan Grabko and communications officer Neil Thornton – have announced they will not be standing for re-election and their roles will become vacant."
I received the e mail on the 10th February and was waiting to see if anyone else picked up on it, even the LT have failed to do so.
Reading between the lines these guys are as cheesed off as the rest of us but have basically become fed up of bashing their heads against a brick wall from both sides.
They started with all the best intentions and they deserve real credit for that, but they have been unable to do the one key thing that could have helped, get the fans working together as a single entity.
So it's a chance for someone else to have a go?
Any takers?


With acknowledgement to Beetlejuice. Lancashire Telegraph, Rovers Forum.

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