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ONCE more Owen Coyle has as good as admitted that he has no real faith in his players by settling for a home point against a mediocre Birmingham City side who have not won since early December.
His quote that the point will be important come the end of the season is a tacit admission that his sole aim is to finish in 21st position in the Championship and nothing more.
The bizarre decision to play Darragh Lenihan at right-back instead of the far more suitable Ryan Nyambe, and the pointless late substitutions once more points to Coyle and his sidekick Sandy Stewart being to basic decision-making what Laurel and Hardy were to piano removals.
The game would have been comfortably won if the management could get the 10 to 15 per cent more out of players that half-decent managers earn their corn by doing.
Throw on a wildcard like Connor Mahoney, unleash the Burnley-slayer Anthony Stokes, someone Birmingham haven’t had ‘scouted’ for the past month or so.
It all smacked of settling for a point and since Birmingham also settled for the draw it meant the entertainment value of the last 20 minutes was nil.
We may not pay the extortionate prices some clubs demand, but we don’t sit in the cold to watch a damp squib.
Having equalised just before half-time you would have expected Rovers to have come out for the second period growling.
Instead, Coyle and Stewart appeared to suck all the life out of them and they restarted as weakly as they had started the game.
The silence regarding incoming players speaks volumes and it seems as if we will have to face the last 19 games with a squad most of whom are either injury-prone, too ‘young’ for Coyle to consider or disinterested.
It is already evident that we will not go down fighting. We won’t suddenly ‘turn a comer’ just by sheer luck.
Coyle is happy to pick up a point at home, lose away and make excuses that we have all heard too many times.
We need the man in charge to TAKE charge and get more from the players that he has so far.


With acknowledgement to Simon Smith L.T.

Rovers supporters comments from LT forum.


Absolutely right, Coyle did all but wave a white flag from the dug out.


How on earth is this guy still in a job.


Having mediocre owners ,manager and players will have one outcome relegation . I really hope Gary bowyer seals Coyles fate on Saturday and gets him sacked . Under this clown we are doomed. Does anybody know anything about the Bob McNair rumours ? Really hope they are true.

Brockhall Bill

Agee with every word Simon.
Birmingham were indeed there for the taking, but Rovers never looked like doing it. Not helped by conceding a 2nd minute penalty , hasten to add.
Coyle will take us down. It as all been said time and again on this forum.
I agree with you, the man is inept in all things ' football management. '
Why the club persist with him is the mystry of this football season. No one can believe it, in the world of football.
To think we disposed of Gary Bowyer.
Beggers Belief !




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