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As rovers sink further into the abyss under Owen Coyle (pic above).  Here are some thoughts I posted on a Rovers forum back in November 2016.
Was I right or wrong ?. Events since suggest I was right.

Owen Coyle has now had 16 league games in charge. The same number as Gary Bowyer was given by the owners last season. So i now presume that is the benchmark given by Suhail Pasha, advisor to the owners, when assessing the managers performance in the first third of the season. Might sound a tad harsh, but it is more than some managers get, such is the world of football now.

The question now being, why is Coyle still here ? It can not be to stabilise the club, his continued presence is de stabilising the club, as supporters grow more and more frustrated. Bowyer stabilisd the club over two and a half years, so any pretence of stability fly's out of the window. To compound the issue, Bowyer had a much better record than Coyle over those 16 games.

More points, less defeats, less goals conceded, better goal difference, higher league placing, and not in the bottom 3. The only area Coyle betters Bowyer is one more goal scored. And have to mention, the home attendances were averaging over 3,000 higher under Bowyer.

So why is Coyle still here ? Could it be, as rumour has it on this form, he is connected to Anderson/Kentaro agency, who is rumoured still to have a influence in matters at Ewood Park ? There are even rumours on twitter that Pasha is connected to Kentaro/SEM. Something is strange, it does not quite add up or make sense.

Bowyers record 2015. P.16 W.3 L.5 D.8 F.15 A.15 GD.0 PTS 17 POS. 16th.

Coyles record 2016. P16 W. 3 L.9 D.4 F.16 A.25 GD.-9 PTS 13 POS 23rd.

How and why is Coyle still here ?

Originally Posted 11th November  2016



November 8th 2016. Exactly one year since Gary Bowyer was sacked.

What have we achieved ? Are we in a better position ? Is the club more stable ? Are the supporters any happier ? Have attendances increased Are we any nearer getting back into the Premiership ? Do we play better football ? Have we a better manager of repute ? Is Ewood a happier place to be ?

The answer to all that is a big fat NO. So what was the point ?
Bowyer Bashers, explain please !


Originally Posted 11th November  2016


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