Amazing. It is almost a week since the nations press announced that Sam Allardyce was to be appointed the new England Football Team Manager. Not a peep in print  from the Lancashire Telegraph about Rovers ex manager being elevated to the country's top job. Why?. Allardyce being the second Rovers ex-manager to have done so, following Roy Hodgson in 2012. Instead on Thursday the 21st July, the LT treated us to a Allardyce story headlined " Allardyce Victim of Hamper Con ".
A meaningless article re: Sam and West Ham players falling victim to a clever con man. No mention of being the new England manager, until belatedly 25th July on their Website. Why?.

Our national press, radio, and TV have been full of it. Everyone has been giving their opinion of Sam's appointment, everyone that is, but the LT. Have they forgotten Sam spent 2 years at Ewood Park, November 2008 until November 2010. Two successful years. On the very brink of relegation when he came, finished safe in 15th place and in 11th place in the Premiership, the following season, when Mrs Desia, under advice from Jerome Anderson, sacked him. Could it be that dark forces are behind the LT'S silence? Could it be the owners are now even more embarrassed at sacking Sam than they previously were ? Could it be they harbour a grudge because Sam successfully sued them for slander, along with Steve Kean in 2012. Could it be be they are miffed because legal action against Anderson over the Allardyce sacking, as reported in the Daily Mail sports agenda column by Charles Sale on the 29th April 2015, has stalled through their own stupidity? Whatever, the name of Big Sam continues to haunt them, whatever the reason.

Could it be they have used their considerable influence to silence the LT?.  It would not be the first time, as i know from first hand experience. Any regional newspaper would have been over joyed to have their club once employ the new England Manager, and made capital out of it. Not the LT. Strange. I will ask one question. " David Dunn, fans favourite and now our u/21 coach, is on record as saying, " Sam is the best manager he ever played for in the whole of his career ". Now would you not think, last week of all weeks, the LT would have interviewed Dunn about Sam ? Instead of some of the drivel it has put out. Poor journalism or dark forces ?.

Are the Venky’s trying to air brush Big Sam from Blackburn Rovers history.






0 #2 Fred Pickering 2016-09-02 08:07
What an absolute load of codswalllop as usual. I've played the game and folk like you should stick to doing the gardening. Conspiracy theories and idiotic crap.
0 #1 Co.AntrimRover 2016-08-06 15:03
New season, same crap Reg. 6 years this has been going on for now! When will it end?

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