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Blackburn Rovers need a contingency plan. What for ? A replacement manager for Owen Coyle, that is what for. We must not be caught out once again like we were this Summer when Lambert departed an we scrapped about for over a month trying to get some one to take the job. Until along came Coyle. England were caught out in similar circumstances with Hodgson's departure. No plan B. Rovers need a plan B. Why? Because it is an un escapable fact that Coyle is a very unpopular appointment amongst Rovers fans, even before a ball is kicked. His Burnley and alleged Jerome Anderson ties do him no favours. So he has to hit the ground running, like no previous manager. A poor August/September and the fans will be calling for his head. It will be Steve Kean all over again. Mike Cheston and Ian Silvester's positions will become untenable and Venky's will sack them . The club will be in turmoil So we need a contingency plan. Add to the mix that Coyle could do a runner. It only needs a better job to come along, Coyle has no allegiance to Blackburn, believe me.
He has been known for that before. Just ask Burnley, when he left them high and dry for "bigger club Bolton". Unbelievable, but he did and that is what he said. So plan B needed. Enter Michael O' Neill,(pic above), coach of Northern Ireland. He has done an extraordinary job, given the resources at his disposal. They won their qualifying group, scrapped their way out Germany's pool in France and were eliminated in the last 16 by a single goal from Wales. Northern Ireland do not have a player near Bale's class, but they have spirit , good organisation and O'Neill gets the best out of his squads in a way no England manager has in 20 years. Just the type of manager Rovers may need if everything goes belly up with Coyle. If I were Cheston and the Rover's owners I would be making friends with O'Neill's agent, pretty soon.



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0 #2 Fred Pickering 2016-09-02 08:13
Are you insane? People like you should be kept away from a computer. Why don't you wait for Beckham to take over? Leave football to those who know the game. I've had to put up with know-nowt pillocks like you through my career and ever since.
0 #1 Co . AntrimRover 2016-07-19 14:54
Hi Reg, long time no speak. Just wanted to say as an Ulsterman you are right about Michael O'Neill, he's done a great job for our wee country and I personally believe he would have been a much better choice than Owen Coyle. That said I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better season this year, heaven knows we've all suffered enough since the Venkys took over the club! We can't afford to give Coyle too much time, as bad as that sounds. Keep up the great work.

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