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We haven't time for another major inquiry into the ills of English football and, anyway it isn't necessary. The success of Wales has exposed a lot of the red herrings that pass as mitigations for English failure . England's footballers arrive tired because there is no winter break, do they? Well how is it that Wales , with only Gareth Bale putting his feet up in January , are still bouncing off the walls as we enter July? The academy system is failing England's footballers , is it making them soft and pampered ? So why is it not failing the Welsh ? Enough of the excuses. The English public are sick of them. EX Rover Chris Colman and his team have humiliated the hapless Hodgson and his players. And it is another ex Rover who could be England's Colman and ignite the England team. Step forward Sam Allardyce. Big Sam is the man for the job. No doubt about that. Foreign manager ? No. That will not sit well with the fans. England enjoy massive support. The FA must not take that for granted. In these days of brexit and exiting the E.U. the pubic are not in the mood for a foreign manager. If Klinsman wants a job in England, great, give him the Hull or Sunderland one, see what he wins there. The same goes for Blanc, Scolari or any of the front running foreign managers. Let them come and do stints at Blackpool , Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham as Big Sam has done, and left them all in better shape than when he arrived. Then they can be considered for England. The same applies to Steve Bruce, who would be another excellent choice. Why are the F.A. taking so long. It is not rocket science. They are asking everyone's opinion, including the players. Big mistake. The players are the last people who you should ask. They are even asking opinions of people from other sports. Amazing ! You could not make it up. Wise heads like Sir Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalgleish maybe. Although scots, both the most successful modern day managers in our game, British and made their home in England, their opinions carry weight. But players and failed rugby union coaches ! Is that a joke ? I wrote on this site, that Hodgson should have gone after the 2014 World Cup debacle. That keeping him on would only end in tears. I rest my case. The first World Cup qualifier v Slovakia , is looming in early September. We can not afford a poor start. Appoint Big Sam now. Do not delay. He fits the criteria. Experienced , both as a player and a manager, well respected, will have a plan and style of play(unlike Hodgson) , the right age and the right man. My top three candidates-- 1) Allardyce 2) Bruce 3) Hoddle. All have a case. But Big Sam for me.


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