Has England manager Roy Hodgson sabotaged England's 2016 Euro Championship bid before it has started ? By naming no less than three players whose fitness is in doubt , Hodgson has taken a massive gamble. It can be argued that Wiltshire, Henderson and Sturridge should not be in the squad, all three have played very little football of late. In the case of Wiltshire, he has missed almost the entire season. His inclusion appears reckless at the best. Danny Drinkwater has been excluded at the expense of these players. Drinkwater, who has had a magnificent season for Champions Leicester , can feel hard done by. Especially when the squad is light of defensive players. Only Eric Dier provides any mid field defensive cover. Is he better than Drinkwater ? I think not. It was Spurs and Dier who blew up in the final four games of the season. Whilst Drinkwater and Leicester kept their bottle and cool , to win the title. Dier in particular, lost his head on occasions, particularly against Chelsea , in the season's penultimate game , when he should have been sent off, he completely lost it. Having said all that, both Drinkwater and Dier should be going to France. We are very light weight in mid field. Sterling and Barclay are also two out of form players who are fortunate to get the nod before Drinkwater and Andros Townsend. I fear the squad is badly unbalanced. This could all end badly.


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