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Paul Lambert believes he will soon know whether Venky's share his ambitions for Blackburn Rovers.
Lambert has submitted his detailed plan for the short and long-term future to the clubs India based owners for consideration.
it is understood he could discover whether Venky's are willing to back them this week.
Lambert quoted as saying "does the club want to stand still ? or does it want to move forward ?"
Everybody "amongst the staff and players alike want to move forward and hopefully that would be the case".

I fully understand where Lambert is coming from, I get it and agree with him. But look at it from the owners point of view. Lambert has disappointed them since his appointment in November 2015. No doubt about that. And Lambert knows it.
After a disappointing start to the season, 3 wins from 16 games, and 16th in the league table, Venky's were advised to make a change. Their advisor /representative at Ewood, recommended they appoint a proven, experienced manager. The playing squad was good enough to mount a challenge for the play offs, they were told. It just needed that experience and tactical awareness Bowyer did not have. Lambert was identified as that man. Out went Bowyer and his staff, and in came Lambert and his staff. At considerable cost. But it did not happen, results did not significantly improve.
The owners were then told the playing staff were not good enough and Lambert needed to bring in new signings in January, now the transfer embargo, under which Bowyer had toiled for over a year, had been lifted. Eight new faces joined in January, at considerable cost. Still no significant improvement in results, although to be fair performances were better. But some have questioned are the new players any better than those they have replaced ? As the owners contemplate Lambert's request and plans for the future, they find their club in 15th position in the league and still not clear of the relegation zone. Hardly an improvement in the 23 games Lambert has been in charge.
To compound matters, attendances have not improved , as they were told they would, with a new management regime. The owners are in a quandary as what to do. It is brought to their attention that other clubs, below Rovers when Lambert arrived have flourished, without financial investment.
Preston are 10 points ahead of Rovers, with a capital outlay of only £250,000 for the whole team. Cardiff, who almost sacked their manager at Christmas, with attendances down to 9,000, are now just 2 points from a play off place, and gates are up to 28,000. And it has cost them zilch, reward for sticking by their manager. Leeds are ahead of Rovers, they were 6 points behind when Lambert came, and have had no player investment. But the Daddy of them all is Warnock at Rotherham, he has taken them out of the bottom 3, when they looked dead and buried, with the same players he inherited , and can not stop winning games . So the owners look at these things and say , why is our club not making that sort of progress with the experienced manager we have appointed ? This is their dilemma . They are not convinced about Lambert being the right man.
A lot has been said out of Ewood this past week. We have had the departing Myers saying " why make the change to Lambert if the owners are not going to back him ? We have had Lambert reveal that the club " was taken to the cleaner in the past" , and he would not do that. A reference no doubt to the Anderson/ Kean regime. We have had Lambert say " there's loads, there's absolutely loads, that has to be rectified here ". And then we have had ex Rovers legend, Simon Garner suggest Lambert may walk away. What a mess. The owners have it all to sort out. Let us hope and pray they make the right decision.

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