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Thank you Gary Bowyer for saving Blackburn Rovers Football Club.
For the best part of the last three years Bowyer has been Rovers manager. Following the disastrous reigns of former managers, Kean, Berg, and Appleton. Not to mention the disgraceful stewardship of the club by ‘advisors Jerome Anderson and Shebby Singh’.
Bowyer had a mess to clean up, some would say mission impossible. As Rovers finances spiralled out of control. Excessive transfer fees and lucrative / long player’s contracts, culminating in disastrous relegation from the Premiership in 2012.
Bowyers sacking was unexpected and brutal. Although just three wins from sixteen games this season did for him in the end.
The squad Rovers now have is a massive testament to Bowyer.
Amongst the players Bowyer had to off load – Bradley Orr, Nuno Enrique, Fabio Nunes, Leon Best, Mauro Formice, Morten Pedersen, Danny Murphy, Dickson Etuhu, Edinho Junior, Nuno Gones, Bruno Ribiero, Diego Rosada, Hugo Fernandez, DJ Campbell, Simon Vukevic. That is fifteen players who were on the books, on big ridiculous money when Bowyer took over. Add to that Paul Robinson and David Dunn. All on big money and long contracts and not wanting to leave. Bowyer, a rookie manager, had all that to sort out.
He brought in Rudy Gestede, Tom Cairney, Craig Conway, Ben Marshal, Shane Duffy, Corry Evans – all very bright young players, all hungry to play for the club and all shrewd investments.
Whether Bowyer was a manager capable of taking us back to the Premiership, we will never know. But in terms of his legacy at the club, how anyone can knock that is way beyond me. The above list is not even accounting for the eight years he spent at the club nurturing top talent like Hanley, Henley, Reya, Olsson x 2, Lowe, Hoillet, Jones and Many more coming through.
Bowyer spent ten years at Ewood Park, and Rovers were lucky to have him. I hope the owners generously treated him well in his Remuneration settlement. A glowing testimonial and thanks from the owners would not have gone amiss.
Good luck Gary and thank you. We will be forever grateful.

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