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Sam Allardyce Autobiography is due out this Christmas. At the moment his lawyers are sifting through his new book. In preparation for publication.
Allardyce, a centre half, who had a chequered playing career with nine different clubs starting in 1973. Including spells at Bolton, Preston and Sunderland, making a total of 479 appearances and scoring 32 goals.
He has managed nine different clubs including, Preston, Blackpool, Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn and West Ham. He has managed a total of 921 games with a excellent win percentage of almost 40%.
Big Sam (pic above), was sacked in mysterious circumstances by Blackburn’s new owners Venky’s, on 13th December 2010. After exactly two years in charge at Ewood Park. Rovers were 10th in the Premiership at the time and only 5 points of the top 6.
Rovers Captain at the time, Ryan Nelsen, said “Not in my wildest dreams did I see this coming, nor did anyone else because of the job he has done since he came to Blackburn”, he told BBC Radio 5 Live. “When he took over, it was a club that was absolutely in diabolical trouble and he turned it into a very efficient, streamlined club that has spent no money and has done extremely well.
“A huge big leadership has gone from the club and the Premier League is unforgiving if you don’t have anyone directing the ship.
“The Venky’s say they have a plan for the club – they must, to have made a decision like this. But it’s ruthless.
“I feel gutted for the man, the players liked him, and the club liked him”.
Since that day Blackburn Rovers have fallen into decline in dramatic fashion.
Rumours have circulated as to the circumstances surrounding Sam’s demise at Ewood Park.
It is widely thought that the Venky’s agent / advisor Jerome Anderson, was behind the decision to get rid of Big Sam. So he could bring in his own man in the form of the devious Steve Kean. And allegedly plunder and pillage the club.
The rest is history, as Rovers fall further and further into the abyss.
It is documented that Venky’s have sought legal redress from Anderson for the sacking of Allardyce. But no joy, because of Mrs Desai’s personal public statement, that was allegedly prepared by Anderson, and they cannot prove otherwise. Venky’s know they made a big mistake getting rid of Sam.
Will Big Sam now blow Anderson and Kean ‘out of the water’ by revealing all?
We must await the publication of his much awaited Autobiography this December.
Big Sam, do your duty and ‘nail the Bastard’s’ !

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