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Are Venky’s of London, owners of Blackburn Rovers, preparing to sue Football Agent Jerome Anderson ?
Anderson’s Kentaro  / SEM Sports Agency were employed by the Rao Family (pic above) when they completed the purchase of Rovers in November 2010.
Lawyers for Venky’s are considering bringing legal action against Anderson for alleged misrepresentation, corruption, mismanagement, misadvise and misconduct.
Renowned Sports journalist Charles Sale of the Daily Mail has allegedly suggested that this is likely to happen.
Writing in his Sports agenda column on 29-04-2015 he revealed an ‘Extraordinary Letter’, sent by Venky’s Lawyers to Kentaro’s / Anderson’s legal representatives, that was doing the rounds.
The letter came some 12 months after the takeover and the sacking of manager Sam Allardyce.
The letter, amongst many other things, alleges that it was Anderson who advised and persuaded the new Indian owners to sack Allardyce and replace him with, the then coach, Steve Kean, a client of Kentaro’s  Agency partners SEM. Of whom Football pundit Charlie Nicholas, was at the time, a Director / Advisor to the company.
This advice, Venky’s somewhat naively took and sacked Allardyce. With dire consequences. Enabling Anderson to commit an ‘outrageous Premiership heist’, never before seen in the history of English Football. An outrage against Blackburn Rovers, its fans and the new rookie owners.
This website did warn what was happening in March 2011. But no one took any notice and I was subjected to abuse and ridicule. My thoughts and fears for Rovers are well documented, dated and timed, for scrutiny. The Lancashire Telegraph was even quoted in the Daily Mail as calling my comments and observations ‘incendiary’, after banning me from the paper. But that is the useless, spineless, Lancashire Telegraph for you.
But SEM say it was entirely Venky’s decision to dispense with Allardyce as they wanted to see “Good Entertaining Football”. Yeah Right !!
Venky’s had only been owners for a month when Allardyce was sacked and had appointed Anderson as their advisor.
They had openly admitted they had no knowledge or expertise in running a Football club. Despite having two of Footballs most respected administrators on board, in John Williams and Tom Finn.
Instead they employed the services of Anderson, Nicholas and their Companies – Big Mistake.
The day following Allardyces sacking (14.12.10) matriarch Mrs A Desai was interviewed on Sky Sports news by Jim White.
When asked by White, the reasons for sacking Allardyce,  she replied “Blackburn Rovers should be a top four side, playing entertaining football and competing in Europe, I like to be entertained. “
I kid you not, this is the jist of what she said. A woman who knew nothing of Football and never watched a Premiership game or even a football match in her life.
May I suggest this statement was compiled by Anderson.
Obviously Mrs Desai know the truth, hence their Lawyers activity.
The Rao family are livid at what has happened to their club and investment. They have been duped. Despite warnings from John Williams and Tom Finn. As outlined in their letter to Mrs Desai dated 04.01.2011. Of which I and others have obtained a copy, but more of that to follow at a later date.
I am led to believe that Venky’s have not dropped the issue and are still pursuing the matter along with other issues. Believe to include the signing of players at extortionate transfer fees and on long expensive contracts. That have led to Rovers falling foul of FFP regulations and incurring a transfer embargo.
They are particularly perturbed at losing Premiership status, with attendances being almost halved from an average of 25,000 down to 12,500.
What other contents are in the letter, alleging misconduct by Anderson and Co, I do not know. But Charles Sale does, he possesses a copy. He has indicated further revelations are to follow in his daily column. But so far, nothing.
I have approached him for a copy, so far without success.
However if any supporter feels strongly enough to have all the details of Venky’s lawyers letter revealed, then make you feelings known to Charles Sale. And he might oblige, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and twitter.com/charliesale. Or see Daily Mail for contact info.
Put on the pressure. We are entitled to know what is happening at our club.
On the subject of what is happening at our club. May I beg the question “what is the Lancashire Telegraph doing in all this.” They no doubt have received or seen copies of said letters. Why do they not keep the Blackburn public, who they serve, better informed? A Mystery !
Jerome Anderson has not deceived the ‘Useless’ The Lanc’s Telegraph as well.
Has he ??




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0 #4 Bertie bee 2015-08-20 20:19
Don't forget about the signing of Anderson's son on a 1.5 million 3 year contract. The very same player allardyce had on trial and sent back to Aberdeen.
0 #3 Glenn BRFCS 2015-08-18 12:53
As the letter from 2011, I suspect if they were going to, it would have happened a long time ago.
0 #2 Reg 2015-07-26 18:26
Hello Skill and Work.
Thanks for your information re. Jamie Allen / Rochdale.
I can do better than you request, here is Eric Kinder's direct line 01254 243664.
Fax. 01254 245204.
Contact him and you will find him most helpful. But i will be surprised if he is not already aware of the player. Also if you prefer email. . As you will be aware Eric is head of Rovers youth development.
0 #1 skill and work 2015-07-21 23:07
Hi Reg
Its skill and work from the Lancashire Times. Just got back from watching Rovers play Rochdale. A young lad (20 yrs old) called Jamie Allen played for Rochdale and he was awesome. I am trying to make sure that Rovers scouts noticed just how good he was. He was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. He NEVER gave the ball away in 90 mins, he created at least 6 great chances, he tackled back, he always found space and he even set up their goal. He is exactly the type of player Rovers should be after. Could you try and ask Rovers fans to email the club (on the official website/club /contact section) as we should certainly be looking at player like this. Thanks Reg

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