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It took Blatter just four days to fall on his sword as the FIFA corruption allegations gathered pace.
Would it be too much to hope that the FA and the Premier League are now provoked into carrying out investigations into the Rovers transfer activities after the Anderson driven take over by Venky’s.
By his own admission, Anderson (pic above) was ‘Involved’ in transfers. Too right – he was  - to the extent Rovers paid out an incomprehensible £4.3m in agent fees. On £9.3m (45%) while Manchester United paid out the same fees on £56.4m in transfers. And Swansea’s agent bill was £240,000 on same transfer fees as Rovers. WHY ?
An allegedly astonishing fee of £1.6m was paid for the £400,000 transfer of Reuben Rochina. WHY ?
The clubs accounts were transferred to India with obscene haste. WHY ?
Our skilled and experienced administrators were swept aside. WHY ?
Plus all the questions of the absurdity of many other mysterious decisions ostensibly taken by Chicken farmers from India with absolutely no knowledge of Football !
I believe Venky’s are pursuing Anderson for redress. They should hand over their evidence to the FA and Premier League for investigation to.
Not that the useless, spineless Lancashire Telegraph would be of any help to anyone in their pursual.





0 #2 Reg 2015-07-08 11:47
Thank you for your comments.
Noted and will act upon.
If you know anyone interested, please direct them to this website.
Any more info or ideas, please let me know.


0 #1 joe 2015-07-06 14:47
Hi Reg,
Its very difficult to know who to take these questions/repor ts to. As we saw with the Sky (cough) interview, any industry that has anything to do with football has a lot to lose. Breaking news, inside information and interviews with players and coaches are massively important to these industries. As agents are involved in all of these areas you can see why even the big boys do not want to burn their bridges. Maybe the only way to get this subject into the media, is to go through an outlet that is not reliant on communicating with agents? There are several questions that quite rightly need asking! Recently we have seen several high officials being asked questions by politicians (Directors of failing hospitals, School officials, police officers, social workers ect) for numerous subjects (young girls running of to Syria, failing hospitals ect). I fear that this is the only way that the club and the supporters may get some answers. Keep trying though Reg.

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