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Speaking on SKY TV soccer Saturday 11th April 2015, Charlie Nicholas confounded all Blackburn Rovers supporters when he talked of Sam Allardyce in glowing terms.
Asked did he think West Ham should renew Allardyce’s contract at the end of the season. Nicholas gave a resounding yes.
Going on to say, “what a good job Sam had done at West Ham”, and with the move from Upton Park to the Olympic Stadium only 12 months away, staying in the Premiership was vital to the further financial stability of the club.
Nicholas said that Big Sam “would deliver Premiership football, he doesn’t do relegation and under his leadership West Ham would have no fear of being involved in a relegation battle”.
Cannot say I disagree with one word that Nicholas had to say. But what of four years ago in 2010, just after Venky’s had purchased Blackburn Rovers.
Kentaro SEM, the sports agency for whom Nicholas was a Director / Consultant, recommended to Mrs Anuradha Desai that they sack Big Sam in order to progress Rovers further.
Well – we all know what happened to that peace of wisdom – football oblivion.
So why was Charlie Nicholas party to such an alleged ridiculous piece of advice. ? Delivered by SEM Managing Director Jerome Anderson.
GREED – Is the answer.
Nicholas and Anderson allegedly saw it as the ideal opportunity to perform ‘THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS PREMIERSHIP HEIST’. And they succeeded – in fact it was so simple to be believable. But they needed a willing Manager for their plan to work – enter the AWFUL KEAN.
They took full advantage of the new, naive, trusting Indian owners. They deceived them in a shameful manner.
The alleged plot, all Rovers fans are now well aware of. Sack Allardyce, appoint ‘our own man’ a puppet manager. Who will comply to our wishes.
Alienate Chairman John Williams and Chief Executive Tom Finn. Leading to their sackings / resignations some four months later. After all the departures, with Venky’s blessing, and Bingo – “do what we want – take what we want and nobody will have the nouse to stop us” !.
Hence millions £ spent and wasted at will. Players bought for ridiculous sums of money on long and expensive contracts whilst promising Venky’s European Football, Premiership Trophies and ruling the football world.
The first Indian owners of a English club would be hailed as Genius Entrepreneurs.
In effect a Sports Agency, SEM, ran Rovers for the best part of two years and bankrupted it. By installing and buying their own clients and reaping the financial awards.
If Mrs Anuradha Desai still requires more convincing that she was duped, do no more that re-run that SKY TV tape with Nicholas extolling the virtues of Allardyce. The very man he vilified publicly on the same SKY TV Channel in 2010 then in 2011 / 2012 when the fans wanted Kean out.
Nicholas even vilified the fans for their protest. Saying they were unfounded, ill-advised and uninformed – in other words stupid.
Then of course we had the infamous Anderson interview - which was much of the same and SKY to their disgrace never sought an alternative point of view from the Rovers Supporters Action Group.
If Mrs Desai and her brothers do not realise by now they were duped and the club ruined, probably beyond repair, then god help us.
Legal redress is one course of action they could take. But will they?. They employ some of the world’s finest International Lawyers and legal brains. Surely they could put Anderson in ‘the dock’. He is at present facing charges for alleged fraud at Newcastle crown court, an action brought against him by another sports agency.
An open and honest statement to the fans, whose lives Venky’s have ruined, might repair some of the damage.
It might just attract back to Ewood some of the missing thousands who have left the club.
Anderson and Nicholas should get their comeuppance – it is all down to Mrs Desai with the help of Rovers supporters. She saw the level of support against Liverpool and she would have that kind of support right behind her if she ‘Bites the Bullet’ and seeks redress for the wrongs committed against her, her family, Rovers supporters, the town and our football club.


If anyone agrees and feels strongly about this matter, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make your opinions known.


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