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The Rao family (pic above) had hoped against hope that Rovers would return to the Premiership after this season. And give the club an immediate influx of £150m of incoming revenue.
The club needs one season, just one, in the Premiership to solve the financial crisis.
£150m plus parachute payments of £93m for possible relegation, would solve the financial crisis, and stop the banks foreclosing on the club.
Barclays Bank have Ewood Park and all the clubs property assets, as security, taken out in November 2011, against massive losses and overdraft facilities.
Only Venky’s business reputation and private assets are keeping the club afloat through their good relationship with the Bank of India.
In order to clear Rovers £80m loss and rising, and comply with FFP regulations Rovers need a massive cash injection that promotion to the Premiership would give them.
An alternative now being considered by the Rao family is for Venky’s to become not only the clubs owners but also official sponsors.
Many things, including shirt sponsorship and the controversial renaming of Ewood Park to Venky’s Stadium would be paramount in the sponsorship. A £80m / £100m sponsorship deal over a three / five year period would make Rovers solvent, and well within FFP regulations.
Similar schemes have been undertaken at Manchester City and Arsenal. Although their revenue streams are much much greater than Rovers.
Home support is of a growing concern. The club cannot be sustained on present gates of around 13,000, with Ewood Park half empty.
Only Mrs Anuradha Desai can solve that one, by apologising to the stay away fans for completely ignoring them with her arrogance when they pleaded for the awful Kean to be sacked.


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