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There are some good people already in place at Ewood Park, Tom Finn Managing Director, Paul Agnew Press Officer, Robert Coar Director and former Chairman, not to mention Lynsey Talbot PA to Managing Director, just a pity John Williams is no longer there. All these people, and more besides have Blackburn Rovers at heart. I plead to the Rao family trust these people, listen to them NOT S.E.M Kentaro Sport Agency and their Jerome Anderson, they will only lead you on the road to ruin.


If the Roa family do not act with a positive attitude people are going to question their motives in buying the club and then in turn the walker trust in choosing to sell it to them. Again an interview with Ventkatesh Rao shown recently on Granada TV gives cause for concern, when asked about his thoughts on Rovers rapid decline, he shrugged his shoulders and said "you win some and you lose some" No You Don't! Mr Rao, in the premiership you win your share or you get relegated and Rovers have always won their share. His blatant attitude gives me real cause for concern, and the silence in issuing any positive statements other than "Steve Kean is the man for us" is more than worrying.

I fear for the future of my beloved Blackburn Rovers.



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