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Kean “The King of Spin”



After Saturday’s very creditable display at Upton Park, Rovers manager Steve Kean announced in his post-match press conference, that the rovers were now one of the in-form sides in the bottom half of the premiership.

Having had results in five of the previous seven premiership games, what nonsense  Mr Kean, Kean like Jerome Anderson, really does take us northerners for fools. The reality is that Rovers have drawn four, lost two and won one of the last seven games, seven points from a possible twenty one relegation form in anyone’s language.

Mr Kean please stop treating us as “Thick” Lancastrians, you have won once in the last twelve premiership games, taking eight points from a possible thirty six, turning Blackburn rovers into the worst team in the premiership. If by some miracle we survive and stay in the premiership it will be mainly because of the twenty one points accumulated by Sam Allardyce from  his seventeen games in charge.



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